She Died Of [blank]

Has it happened to you?

You get a parcel arrive a week after you’ve made an impulse online purchase, whereby instead of finding a bargain, you actually spent more money than you normally would on something because you have been swept away by the marketing message or the celebrity endorsing the product!

Well that was me about 18 months ago – I can’t remember all the detail, but a new brand had launched She Died Of Beauty, by supermodel Erin O’Connor & stylist Kate Halfpenny – a playful take on the fashion industry.  They offer a variety of t-shirts, vests and cotton bags all made from organic cotton. Even better they are ethically made and manufactured using sustainable energy generated from wind and solar power.

When the parcel first arrived, I was impressed by the nice packaging but at first hand I actually wasn’t that impressed with the t-shirt – it look so basic and simple that I thought “I spent £40 on this?”.  My next reaction was, well the black is going to fade and after a few washes it will be all mis-shapen. 

But no…it hasn’t.  I can honestly say, it is now my favourite t-shirt in my wardrobe – in fact I’m wearing it as I write this post!  I simply love it and I actually feel bad that my initial thoughts were so wrong.

It’s a fun brand with lots of different slogans.  I opted for the She Died Of Individuality – which I think sums me up – I like to do things my own unique way.  It takes a little while to get use to people looking at your chest area with a blank expression – as you will see from the image below it’s not that obvious at first glance!

Why not check out their site to see their products by clicking here.

Which slogan is your favourite??

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