Sensationail at Boots Chemist

Only a few weeks ago I blogged about how I loved the beauty treatment of Shellac Nails, and I’m still very much in love with the concept.

My nails are harder, they last longer and they look great!

When I watched the beautician at work, I did feel that most of what she was doing, I could do myself!  So at £30 a time, this treatment would soon get very expensive.

So I set about looking on the internet at what was available to buy in kit form and believe me there are lots! Most on eBay and Amazon were kits direct from the Far East, they were not cheap and my main concern about this was the LED lightbox, was it safe? and no warranty came with them.

So I took advice from Social Media – I sent a note out to my Twitter pals and also to my close friends on Facebook – within an hour or two I had my answer.  Sensationail at Boots Chemist.

Similar price as the others, £69.99, although less nail colours in the kit – but good feedback from all and they all came back with the message that they liked the LED lightbox because they knew they could take back easily if it did not work.

So far I’ve only tested it on the French Manicure – which I will blog about later this month.

My thoughts – 10/10

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