Sell, sell, sell to buy that little special something!

Image from Keep Calm & Posters

This is what I’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks!

I’ve been going through all my clothes & accessories,  the items that are too good for charity (sorry!) and too good for the bin – I’ve been selling on eBay.

I’ve been surprised (or lucky) that some items have gone for a good price.  I had a lovely dress that I originally paid £25 for which sold for £10.  A bad purchase of a skirt that I paid £35, I’ve sold for £15. Some items have gone for a little less than expected, but when you total it up… it all adds up!

It’s never easy getting rid of things; that clutch bag you had for that one special event which you’ve not used for the last five years, or the skirt in the sale that you purchased thinking you will lose weight to get into it, which lets be honest never happens!!  So why hold on to these things – especially if your dreaming of owning something else.

Once I get there… no doubt my Loved by Lizzi readers will be the first to know what I purchase!

If you have any eBaying tips that you would be happy to share…then please leave a comment, we would all love to read them.

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