Salmon with rice, carrots and spinach

Salmon Pilaf is a fabulous and tasty recipe that I cook at least once a month. It’s so easy and you can easily mix and match ingredients to suit your own personal choice. With less than 600 calories (if you don’t substitute with something highly calorific), I bet you’ll be adding this to your menu in no time.

What’s also great, you can change the salmon to suit the people you are making it for. The recipe uses pre-cooked salmon that you tend to buy in two-fillet packs – typically they are available as plain salmon, honey smoked salmon and the one I personally like to use, hot chilli salmon. So as you can see, you can tailor to suit your own tastebuds!

This recipe is for two portions.


2 fillets of pre-cooked Salmon

1 x Small white onion or Shallot (I personally like to use shallot, I think it has more flavour)

1 x Carrot (or you can use a red pepper or a courgette)

1 Small bag of baby Spinach

2 x Garlic Cloves

2 levelled teaspoon of Grounded Turmeric

2 levelled teaspoon of Grounded Cumin

1 x Vegetable stock pot

150g of Basmati Rice

300ml of Water



  1. Chop your onion of choice into small pieces
  2. Wash and trim the carrot and cut into small pieces
  3. Peel the garlic and either cut into small pieces or use a garlic press
  4. Add 300ml of boiled water and the vegetable stock pot into a jug – stir to dissolve
  5. Heat a drizzle of olive oil into a large saucepan (The saucepan you use, must have a lid)
  6. On a medium heat add the onion and the carrot, stir frequently until they have softened (approx 4-5 mins)
  7. Once soft, stir through the turmeric, cumin and garlic – and stir
  8. Add the rice plus a pinch of salt – and stir for 1-2 mins
  9. Now add the vegetable stock you’ve made to the saucepan that has the vegetables and rice
  10. Bring it to the boil
  11. Then lower the heat
  12. Add the bag of spinach to the rice BUT don’t mix stir it through, just pop on the lid and leave it simmering for 10 mins.
  13. After 10 mins, keeping the lid on, remove from heat and leave it another 10 mins
  14. Once the rice and spinach has been steamed through, you then add the Salmon and stir this through
  15. Season with salt and pepper (I sometimes add chilli flakes too)
  16. Divide into two bowls!


This recipe should not be frozen – it contains both fish and rice which both do not freeze well.



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