Rest & Relaxation

If your not following me on one of my social media channels then you perhaps don’t know that I’m currently holidaying in Crete this week.  A week of rest and relaxation with my mum, a much needed break from the busy schedule I usually keep!

I’m writing this post from my sun bed this morning, using my iPad, so apologies I’m not sure how the formatting will look from your side.

You’re probably thinking, why is she blogging? well this is my favourite past time, and I don’t get to do enough of it, I’m actually chuffed to bits that the hotel offers free wifi from everywhere, including the beach!

So what does a week of rest and relaxation look like?

The holiday book

This is Spectacles, a memoir by Sue Perkins – only just launched so it’s available to buy now – it’s very very funny, I’m getting a few strange looks from others as I keep laughing out loud.

The holiday meditation

One your probably not familiar with, but if I said Mindfulness Meditation then maybe this would help?! Being in the present moment is important, having your mind race here there and everywhere can lead to lots of stress. Sometimes when we stop, it takes a few days to truly relax, to help me get there quicker I listen to a few meditations to clam the breath and to remind me to be in the here & now. Listing to the sea also helps with meditation. Try it for yourself.

The beauty regime

You know the weekly face mask you supposed to do?, I don’t think I’ve had time in the last six months – I found it as I was packing, so I’ve popped it in, done one already and plan to do another before I leave 

The holiday massage

Well I’ve already done one of them too! Back, shoulders and neck – the therapist is a lovely lady, a little scary and with her thick Greek accent she told me that my shoulders were full of stress and bellowed this is NO GOOD!  I’ve promised her I’ll be back for another session later in the week.

The clothes

It’s lovely to be back in my summer clothes for one final week.  I know that arriving home it will now be layers, jumpers and boots.  So this week for the evenings I’m wearing all my favourite dresses and summer items, as a fond farewell until next season.  You can check out my OOTD on Instagram at Lovedbylizzi

The food

This week is the start of trying to be good again, I have a few weeks till Christmas break to get back into a healthier mode.  I’ve been reading some great recipes from my holiday magazines that I’ll adopt once I’m back in my kitchen, but until then I’m enjoying the holiday salads, like below for lunch (drank with sparkling wine of course!)

Summer salad with Manouri cheese

 – grilled pieces of Manouri cheese

 – salad leaves

 – cherry tomatoes 

 – walnut flakes 

 – balsamic vinaigrette 

The holiday drink

Well Mum and I have chosen Pimms – I’ve always been a fan of Pimms o’clock! Cheers!

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