Recommended Book: Bonkers by Jennifer Saunders

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For holiday reading, I love an autobiography and a comedienne one guarantees a good giggle or two from my sun bed! 

I’m a huge fan of Miss Saunders; from Eddie of Ab Fab to her sketches with Dawn French. What I particularly liked about this book is that it didn’t dwell too much on the childhood (which I generally find boring about autobiographies). I want to know their day to day stuff, what they eat and the TV shows that they watch on a Friday night whilst eating a takeaway!  

Her book Bonkers is funny from start to finish, she rants on about the management at the BBC, but it’s good to get an insight on how things have changed over the years.  

Focusing on her career, she explains about how things just happened through accident and not by some major big plan – this reinforces my (newish) daily mantra of  “what is meant for you, will not pass you by” a great quote given to me from my dear friend Katrina recently.

She reflects on how she has moved on with modern times and loves using Twitter, whereas Dawn refuses to get on board and doesn’t even have an e-mail address! I also love the fact that she chats to her dogs all day, just like I do with my little dog (which I’m convinced he answers me ;).

There is a sad bit, which did make me shed a few tears, she talks through how she coped with breast cancer and the chemotherapy she went through – and yet somehow she kept her faith and her humour to get her through it.Add it to your summer list readers – it’s a guaranteed hoot!

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  1. Em
    May 20, 2014 / 7:51 pm

    oo i bet i would like this xx

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