quiet luxury on a budget - how to achieve the look

Can you create quiet luxury on a budget? I believe you can, here’s how to create this popular trend right now and get the quiet luxury look.

I’m delighted to be back with my fellow content creator Zanne Lee – we have both contributed to a feature in this month’s Living Buckinghamshire & Berkshire magazine, giving our thoughts and showcasing our love for our signature style… which seems to now have become trendy – I’m trying not to LOL 🙂 whilst I write this!.

Yes it seems minimalist style, of a neutral palette, in high quality fabrics that have an impeccable design fit – that for me was alway my styling ethos and a style that resonates with Zanne too; is now ‘in fashion’.

So quiet luxury styling can be fashionable, well at least while we are still buzzing about the latest series of Succession; which is how this current trend kicked off, due to one of the main characters,  Shiv Roy – a profession woman who seems to wear the office suit at the weekends to continue setting her status within the family! Relax girl, you don’t have to play hard 24/7!

quiet luxury on a budget with Zanne and Lizzi

While I snuggle down into being in trendy mode, I thought I would share with you, just how Zanne and I go about this Quiet Luxury style. Now before we can get into the highstreet, “can I afford it?“, analysing mode.  What I need to be clear and upfront on, we are mimicking a style taste for the uber wealthy – yes, that’s right! This style of dressing gives a nod to old money wealth.  In the most simplest way of explaining it: Quiet Luxury = Understated clothing made with very high-quality materials.

Now I hear you honey, I’m suddenly saying you need oodles of money and you are here because I’ve said highstreet – the two can’t go surely?!  Yes they can.

It’s about your mindset and your approach to curating your stylish wardrobe in a slow, investment-led manner – and not just dashing off to the shops the moment you get paid. It’s requires a lot of conscious planning, monitoring various websites, waiting for the right time to buy. It’s not a trend, it’s a lifestyle choice.

Lizzi's How to wear more of what you own online course

However, many highstreet brands are leaning into this style and you can achieve the same desired look and a much more affordable price-point, if a) this is a short-term style for you or b) you want to tap your toe into this look.


When trying out something new, it’s good to take a deep dive into those that serve a style really well, they do it day in, day out – rarely deviating; but can if they want to – event wear or special occasions dressing is typically where most women will do something completely different to their own everyday look – that’s one little style tip I will share if you want to stand out in a room (change your typical look!).

I recommend to take a good look at Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Zoe Kravitz – definitely the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate & Ashley as they have a Quiet Luxury brand The Row.

Start a pinterest board and just get pinning all the looks you would love to mimic. That’s exactly what I do!

“You will get something truly unique, made of the best quality of that time and the item will have aged naturally to show it has had a story, that’s worth continuing – and with that you will love it more and that alone, is quiet luxury – everyday!”



To create this look, a ‘buy better-buy less’ mentality is needed; a minimalistic style has zero tolerance to any branded logos.  Focus your edit on a neutral-led colour palette, opting for clothing with a classic silhouette and clean lines.

With quiet luxury, you’ve got to go all in! All elements of the outfit from clothing, to bags to jewellery and shoes require attention.

Key tips!

  • Look for tailored trousers that fit you well on your hips and waistline.
  • Your belt should be simplistic, of the best quality you can afford and not big logo!
  • Your shirt needs to be oversized, as if you borrowed your hubby’s shirt or if it’s blouses considered detailing on the sleeves, cuffs and shoulder line.
  • Your bag should have that structural design, with effortless details of metal clasp, simple yet stunning – A top handle bag, a classic boxy cross body or a large tote bag that looks expensive (even if it’s not)
  • Your jewellery – again is not about the cost, it needs to give the perception it’s vintage, it’s unique, it was designed just for you.



Zanne loves independent boutiques, Zara, Hobbs, Phase Eight, Ganni, Mango & Marks & Spencer.

I love and lean into… Mango, Zara, Phase Eight, Cabi Clothing, Somerset by Alice Temperley, Marks & Spencer, Cos and Mint Velvet.

If you want to be more sustainable with your purchases and not shop the Highstreet – then you need to spend more time searching vintage, preloved, charity shops and attend both preloved and designer sale events – it’s a mission, you will need a seamstress for this approach, the hunt for the right gems and sizing requires motivation but the reward is much much better than highstreet.

You will get something truly unique, made of the best quality of that time and the item will have aged naturally to show it has had a story, that’s worth continuing – and with that you will love it more and that alone, is quiet luxury – everyday!


The full ‘Quiet Luxury‘ feature by Samantha Harman on Living Buckinghamshire & Berkshire here.

Quiet Luxury Featured in Living Buckinghamshire & Berkshire



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