The Ritual of Karma Sun Protection
Sun Protection Milky Spray (SPF 30) & After Sun Hydrating Lotion – Photo:@Lovedbylizzi

Heading on summer holidays? Well one things for sure we all pack our sun protection products, and on my recent beach/pool holiday to the Algarve I had the pleasure of trying out a few products from The Ritual Of Karma Sun Protection Range by Rituals, and what a pleasure it was!

As soon as these delightful products arrived at home, they oozed summer holidays, loving the colour of the turquoise blue bottles which immediately made me think of the sea, it got me all excited about the holidays to come. Now I packed these products for me, but unsurprisingly once Hubby got to see them (I did get his normal brand!) he wanted to try them out too – and so I suppose this review comes from the both of us!

The Ritual of Karma…

do good, and good will come your way


Rituals is a fine fragrance home and body brand that provides wellness and offers a joyful experience through the use of their products; waking up our sense of our smell. I have used their products before, mainly their shower foams and body lotions, and I find their products have these fine fragrances that have the power to transform your thoughts, change your mood and I suppose open up your senses to have a deeper experience than one perhaps your thought you would get. Rituals pride themselves on being luxurious, yet affordable, and their aim is to develop products that allows you to find happiness in the smallest of things.

I personally am certainly moved by the sense of smell, I found as soon as I sprayed the milky spray of the sun protection, I was loving the scents, which is made up of Organic white tea and Ginkgo Biloba – I found the fragrance had a light flowery tone with a fresh and clean vibe – thus making me think that Hubby would not be keen – and yet because the floweriness was quite light, he didn’t pick up too much on it and so this didn’t put him off at all. We both loved the easy application, a light spray of milk across your skin and then a light rubbing in, in fact over the days I found a little went a long way – and because of this applying it whilst on the sun bed was really easy. I also loved how quickly the milk absorbed leaving no residue, this is a huge factor for me. With my OCD on stickiness, which means I have to wash my hands straight away, well I had no problems at all – big bonus for me.

At the end of each day, after our evening showers, we then got to try the After Sun Hydrating Lotion, this comes in a tube and the consistency of the cream is light and again we found easy absorption – I don’t know about you but sometimes I find After Sun can make you ‘sweat’ a little after you apply it, it like brings out the heat of the day, well I didn’t get this at all with this lotion, again leaving me feeling fresh. I will say the fragrance is much stronger compared to the milky spray – I love the smell and so for me I decided not to use my own perfume, and I since seen that in the collection they have a Hair & Body Mist which is perfect to keep the fragrances the same. Two adults using the After Sun lotion every day for seven consecutive days (and believe me he doesn’t have a light touch!) and I think we used half the tube, so again a little goes a long way.

I have also had the chance to try the Anti-ageing hand lotion which has SPF15 – I didn’t take this away but I have been using it at home and consistency of the cream is fairly thick but again absorption is good and not tacky. It certainly hydrates my dull tired looking hands, and so I will continue to use this throughout the summer.

I found using the products a really joyful and pleasant experience, I simply loved getting the bottles out when we at the beach or beside the pool, I just felt they added glamour to my day and I was happy to show it off. I also feel that this range is not overpriced at all, we needed to replenish our sun protection spray whilst away and I paid more for an alternative brand. And you know when you truly love something, because a couple of days later, I came a across Rituals store in one of the shopping centres in the Algarve area, where I got hands on with the full collection, and I was a little annoyed that I already repurchased. So whilst it didn’t make sense to buy there to travel the items home…. now that I am home I will be topping up for rest of summer!


Sun Protection Milky Spray 30 – 200 ml – £18.50

THE RITUAL OF KARMA Sun Protection Milky Spray 30
Sun Protection Milky Spray 30



After Sun Hydrating Lotion – 200 ml – £15.50

THE RITUAL OF KARMA After Sun Hydrating Lotion
After Sun Hydrating Lotion



Hand Lotion SPF 15 – 70 ml – £9.90

Hand Lotion SPF 15



The Ritual Of Karma Stand
The Ritual Of Karma Stand in the Algarve – Photo:@LovedbyLizzi


All three products were gifted to me by Rituals as part of a review for the blog for Summer 2019 blogposts – you can view the entire collection of The Ritual Of Karma – and don’t forget the ancient Hindu belief – ‘do good, and good will come your way‘!



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