Product Review: Safa Skincare – Organic and Halaal approved

It’s always very exciting when you get the opportunity to try something that is not yet launched.  With my recent focus on nutrition to balance my lifestyle and wellbeing, I never thought beauty products may be something to consider too.
Safa skincare contacted me to ask if I would review their products, so they sent me free of charge samples of their cleansing milk and facial toner.  Safa Skincare is a new and exciting alternative skincare brand that focuses on two key messages: their products come with the approval of being Organic and Halaal.  And with my “Made in Britain” hat on, I was really pleased to see that these products are made in Manchester!

Over the last couple of months to help control my IBS symptoms, I have had to make sure that the food I eat are gluten and wheat free – I was really surprised when I was reading the back of the bottles that both these products are Gluten and Wheat free products, go figure?! Never did I think I should consider this within my skincare regime.

Cleansing Milk

Safa Cleansing Milk has been specially formulated with organic rosehip oil, sweet almond and calendula extract. I found the milk to be of good consistency, not too runny and you can apply quite easily with your fingers and then remove using a cotton pad.  The smell to me is simply herbal.  I found the product to be refreshing and calming on my face, and very easy to remove before applying the Safa Organic Facial Toner.

Facial Toner

Now I’m not normally a fan of facial toner, I think it’s a waist of time, however I did give it a go and found it cooling on the skin.  Safa Organic Facial Toner has been formulated using cucumber, aloe and green tea extracts – designed to lift away the remaining traces of dirt and make-up.  For this product I didn’t really think there was a smell at all, it just gave you a feeling of your skin being refreshed.  I quite like it.

Price for both products is £5.99!  Great value and affordable, which is want we want to hear at this time of year! This blog post is a preview as the products are not currently available to purchase, I’ll make sure I update you when I know they are.

The packaging is green and white, and the bottles are of a simple design, reinforcing the product to be simple and natural.  Vegan lovers will also be happy in the knowledge that this product is suitable for them too.
You’ll see by the image below they plan to offer other products in their range, click here to view more about these.

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