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I bought Trinny London Beauty products two months ago plus a Trinny London Beauty virtual experience; let me tell you what I think.

I have been watching Trinny on YourTube for months (maybe years) – I absolutely love Trinny and been a fan of all her TV work over the years; what I really love about Trinny and her beauty videos is her own need to have good skincare for herself.

Trinny really shows her passion and is so open about all the products she uses (other brands, not just her own). Her own skincare routine is absolutely thought-through with so much care and attention to all of her body’s needs and not just her face; which I think some of us can forget at times. I know when I think skincare, I only think facial!

I trust Trinny. And that for me is why I embarked on exploring her own beauty products range, Trinny London Beauty.

Styling Matters Podcast

I started with the BFF cream skin perfector (SPF 30) because I wanted a primer that had SPF, and I had seen on Instagram that people were raving about this. At the same time I also ordered the newly launched BFF De-stress Serum which is tinted. I still, if I am honest not entirely sure about all the benefits of this de-stress cream, but I do love how it works quickly on my face (with not using very much product) to make me look good and even out my skin tone.

The two products work really well together, I’ve always been a fan of using a primer before applying foundation and the fact this has SPF is fab, and high too at SPF30, a lot of products only offer 20 or 25.

I was either led by the offer of spending £50 for free delivery or Trinny’s video on the new de-stress cream as the “must have” product, because £74 lighter the two were in my basket on the way to me.

No sooner I started using the products, I was loving how they worked well as part of my daily make-up. Feeling the positivity of my new purchases, I headed back to the site and was looking at the foundations, as mine needed replacing. Here I felt a little nervous in selecting a colour; reason being I took the MATCH2ME test on my first purchase and they sent me a foundation sample with my original order, it didn’t quite feel the right colour for me.

Well you are always going to be between three points, either spot on or a little darker or lighter, And with the best colour wheel in the world, you still need the old faithful test of just applying it to see if it’s right.

So based on this, I decided to book in for a virtual experience consultation (due to Covid-19 complications) – you have to pay £25 at time of booking and this will be redeemed if you purchase any products, well I was going to buy, so it only made sense to book a consultation first!.

Trinny London Beauty virtual consultation with Lizzi Richardson
Lizzi | The day of the virtual Trinny London Beauty consultation

There are pros and cons to having your consultation virtually, I write about my full virtual experience in the current Winter Style eMagazine.  It worth doing before purchasing to help get the colour match right.

After this experience, I then invested in Just a Touch, this is their ‘concealer’ – I’m pretty sure at the time, when I purchased, the online description was Foundation/Concealer, it now just says concealer.

After watching Trinny’s video, she advocates that we shouldn’t try covering everything up, that we should just use it to conceal the areas we feel need a little work. For me personally, I am slightly disappointed with this product, I don’t feel it’s giving me any ‘foundation’ to my make up and it’s OKAY as a concealer, but I’ve used better in the past for a much cheaper price than £28.

The only thing that I love about it, is that it works in this stackable, portable cylinder that you can take with you when you are out and about, and I feel perhaps when we get back into normal world, this product may then be useful.

Trinny London Beauty Stacks

At the same time, I bought Face Finish for £25 which is a mattifying balm; this also comes in the pot that you can add to your stackable cylinder. I like this (perhaps not love it) but I am pleased with my purchase. It’s not an all-over face powder, but that’s not want I wanted. I need a product I can use quickly and easily ‘on-the-go’ throughout the day to take the shine off my T-zone. And this product does that.

I did treat myself to the T-Top stackable mirror which is £10 – this sits on top of your cylinder so that you have a mirror on you for application. Worth it, I feel.

Will I buy more Trinny London Beauty products?

Here we go to the killer question that you want to know from a product review. Yes, yes & yes to the BFF cream skin protector – I love how little you need, I love the tube packaging, I love the smell of it and most importantly I love how it works on my face, as a base to my make-up and that it’s protecting my skin.

I’m highly likely to repurchase the Face Finish mattifying balm, I really dislike the last few face powders I bought for daily everyday make up – however I don’t think this will be good enough for my glam out-out make up – but knowing it will have daily use, makes it worth purchasing.

The jury is still out on the tinted de-stress serum – I plan to have a Face-to-Face consultation when it’s next possible after COVID restrictions; that consultation will determine if I do and if I add any more Trinny London Beauty products to my make up collection.

We’ll have to wait and see!


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