Pink faux fur… can be a lot of fun during winter, a fabulous alternative to a plain black faux fur jacket or coat. Now normally I have pictures of me to show you of which one I have purchased.

Well on this occasion I haven’t purchase one (yet), but it’s not without trying I can assure you! The amount of time I’ve spent on this one this one garment – buying in, trying on or surfing the internet, I feel (or it would make me feel better) that it had a blogpost! Just to make it all worthwhile!

Why pink?

Dusty pink is very on trend this Autumn/Winter – I’m also really getting into the colour as I’ve just painted my new home office pink (and it’s fabulous) – and so with that and my love of faux fur for winter, the two seemed a lovely combination.

What I hadn’t banked on was the lack of variety you actually get… I do love all the items below for very good reasons, but then there is something about them too that I dislike and so for now, I have made a decision to not buy. 

This type of garment will disappear as quickly as it comes in, they are what I consider ‘niche seasonal’ so not only are they around at certain times of the year, but they are the type of item that retailers will not buy more of – once they are gone, they are gone!

My journey first started, with this gorgeous one from ASOS – I bought it and it was delivered within a few days, super excited I opened it and whilst I loved the colour, the length of the faux fur was quite long, as in Yeti long. I put it on and it really wasn’t flattering – so much so I rechecked the photos online. The model looks gorgeous in it, but I just don’t feel I bought the same item.

That said, If you like this coat and you plan on trying it yourself, I would highly recommend to size down as it did come up quite big.

ASOSASOS DESIGN stand collar faux fur coat

Now this one below is making it’s rounds on Instagram, I tried to find it in store without any joy. Looking at it, the fur quality looks really good but I’m not sure about the big large pockets on the front, and it looks cheap on the model but the price tag is not. So I’m holding off judgement until I get to try it on… so watch this space for this one!

Faux fur jacket

This next one from New Look is pretty good value at £39.99. Online it’s only showing as petite, but I don’t recall that when I was trying it on in the shop. It’s so-so soft, absolutely lovely feel – so a great price and a great feel, why didn’t I buy

Two reasons… it’s a very light pink, I want mine to be a few shades deeper, I feel this is too close to camel/blush, plus what the photos online do not show, is that under the collar is not faux fur but lining material like you get inside the coat; if like me you like to wear the collar up (especially if your hair is up – to keep your neck warm) you will see this lining, and I was quite disappointed with that. 

BUT if you know you won’t wear the collar up and that you don’t mind it being a light blush pink – then this is definitely the best buy and you should grab it while you can!

Petite Pale Pink Faux Fur Coat

I did also try this one on, it’s not the best quality and the faux fur length is quite long, but I have to say I thought it was a lovely colour combo that would work with many outfits. And if like me you can easily be cold inside the home too, this would keep you snug… and it’s now on offer.

Pink Patchwork Faux Fur Gilet
Was £29.99, Now £22.49

And finally, I’ve spotted this one from Topshop… for me the jacket not the right length, too short I’m afraid. I’ve not seen it in store and I have been to three so far! But I will keep my eye out and will have a try on. They offer it in their Tall range, plus it also comes in blue.

Faux Fur Coat

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