Personal Trainer Caroline Idiens shares her favourite workout brands

A note from Lizzi: To feel motivated to take action we need to invest in all aspects of our lives. I’ve been following Caroline from @carolinescircuits on Instagram for many years and her content is so on point for the everyday, busy woman.

She breaks down exercise in a way I’ve not seen before, and Caroline always looks amazing in what she is wearing whilst working out.

I asked Caroline to kindly share her recommendations on great workout brands to invest in; whilst we want to look stylish as we exercise whether that’s in the gym, in the local park or on a run/walk with friends – it needs to be functional.

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I know from personal experience, I have made bad choices on workout clothes, they look good but they don’t support me in exercising.

I’m delighted Caroline agreed, so I do hope you enjoy this blogpost. Be sure to check Caroline out on Instagram and she has kindly given you 20% off your first month of her workouts online. Read on to get all the details.

Love Lizzi x

Caroline Circuits Instagram profile

Hello, I’ve been a fitness coach now for over 20 years and at the start of lockdown in 2020 I took my 30 minute strength workouts online and founded Caroline’s Circuits. I’ve been overwhelmed with the response both online and on my IG page @carolinescircuits and just love the community of women it has brought together!

Caroline Idiens wearing Contur
Caroline wearing Contur

Training with weights is just so key for women especially going into midlife and essential for not only our muscles but our bone health which declines from the age of 35.

There are so many benefits and I am here to spread the word!

Alongside my fitness I’m also a huge lover of fashion and activewear obviously plays a large role in my daily style! For me I always look for brands that not only are supportive and will perform well in a tough hiit class but are also comfortable to wear and look great! I’m a huge supporter of sustainable small businesses and look for activewear that has the environment at its heart.

As my classes are online I like to wear bright pieces which stand out and some of my pieces have lasted for years even though they are worn weekly and put through daily washes! I have activewear at both ends of the scale – from the luxury top end brands to high street brand’s own line.

Caroline Idiens wearing Varley
Caroline wearing Varley

I have also discovered some online activewear companies which house a lot of my favourite brands under one roof which is so helpful when searching for the perfect leggings. I love @mygymwardrobe and @thesportsedit for all my favourite brands. I have done a lot of research with women (on leggings in particular) and the same names do crop up time and time again.

It’s so hard to pick my favourites as I have many but if I had to pick my top 7 these would most certainly feature:

  • Varley – classic, timeless, wonderful quality
  • Sweaty Betty – esp the Power leggings, hard to beat for fit and super flattering
  • Lululemon – hard working activewear that really does perform and lasts
  • RAIA & Contur UK – two new UK small brands I have discovered with sustainable properties
  • From the high street – M&S have some great new pieces in their Goodmove collection and a great price
  • Alo – wonderful collections and beautiful to wear
Caroline Idiens wearing Lululemon
Caroline wearing Lululemon

I would love to offer you, Lizzi’s followers, a code to try my classes. If you head to and use caroline20 you can have 20% off your first month of workouts online. I would love to welcome you to my platform,

Caroline x

Caroline Idiens wearing RAIA
Caroline wearing RAIA


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