Personal Style And Do You Have It?

Fashion and style are two very different things, and what I’ve come to realise over the years is that being stylish is not about following fashion.  It’s about understanding who you are as a woman and how you want to represent yourself.

In this interview by British Vogue, from Vogue Festival 2014, I think Lucinda Chambers sums up really well about style and the modern women.  Style evolves, and thankfully all those teenage/early twenties looks we all got wrong, is actually very normal.

I’m excited by clothes, fashion and styles and I know that my own style has evolved in the last ten years and it will continue to evolve until I’m a fabulous fashionista in my 90’s!!!

Here is the full length version of the Vogue interview, which features Lucinda Chambers, Amanda Harlech and Alexa Chung, who are all very good, give their views about their personal style.  Unfortunately I think the interviewer could have done a much better job of not butting in once she asks the question!!?

For those of you who get this by e-mail, you may need to click here to view.

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