Onesies – No likey, no lighty!

My light is definitely turned off for this item of clothing!

On Christmas day – a fellow tweeter tweeted “the best way to open your presents is wearing a onesie”.  For those of you who do not know what these are, the best way I can describe this garment is a baby-grow for adults.  

Then the other Saturday night, I was watching Take Me Out and there was a young guy on there, during one of the video clips he happily admitted that at home that’s all you will find him wearing. Please note this guy is still living with his parents!  He was wearing one in the film, not a good look for a young lad like him, who could blame the girls for turning their lights off!

In my search, for the perfect designer Onesie, that possible could have change my mind…no such joy.  Here are the unfabulous ones that you could consider:

The Jumpin Jammerz site have lots for you to choose from, you lucky ladies have the choice of costume designs such as frogs, mice or tigers.  For the girlie girls there is bright pink Barbie or there are plenty of chenille fabric onesies with patterns like hearts, stars or leopard print.

Barbie version from Jumpin Jammerz

Going one step further, why not design you own!  The All-In-One Company lets you create your own unique onesie.  But wait for it, not only do you get to choose the fabric, pattern & colours. But you also get to add hoods, ears, tails etc!  Don’t get me wrong, this is great for kids but for adults, I’m not so sure.  

Is your light still turned on?  I would love to know your thoughts on Onesies, why not leave a comment below this post.  If you wear them & love them tell us why and what’s your favourite. Who knows you may turn my light back on?

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