Ditsy floral outfit
Phase Eight Callista Ditsy Floral

AD | The Callista Ditsy Floral Frill Cami Blouse & the Callista Gypsy Skirt are PR Products by Phase Eight SS20 Collection

One summer co-ord is such a versatile piece! Wear from day-to-night or from casual to a special event, you can have a lot of fun with this two piece. Read on to see how I’ve styled them both separately and together.

Red ditsy floral outfit dress
Lizzi wearing both pieces
ditsy floral red outfit
Style Tip: Stylish accessories with lots of details likes pearls and gold enhance this look for a special occasion


It’s very easy to think that you have to wear the two pieces of a summer co-ord together, but actually I would recommend to wear them as much as you can separately to get your cost per wear and then for special occasions or for a weekend away, that’s when I would team them together as they make quite a statement worn together.

Why? I hear you ask

You want to give the illusion to your family, friends and work colleagues that these are every day items (which they are) but when you want to travel light or potentially have that special night out and you don’t want to invest in a new dress… that’s when you put them together. I can pretty much guarantee no one will put the two together, and they will think you have a whole new outfit.



This Cami top is great as it naturally goes in at the waist which helps with giving you shape – some co-ords can be a little unflattering and require a little tuck in, this doesn’t. This also enables you to wear a belt, should you wish when you wear it as a dress – just to give it another vibe.

I absolutely love the frilly details, it adds a lot of fun and enough sass to wear it with every day items like white jeans or a blue denim skirt.

The vest straps also make for a great layering piece, especially with our British weather you can never tell how the day will pan out, so wear it under a blazer or a denim jacket with ease and comfort.

Because the top is quite fancy; this means you can get away with minimal jewellery should you wish or you can add, add, add – I’ve found pearls, silver or gold have all worked well.

A cami top in ditsy print
The Callista Ditsy Floral Frill Cami Blouse



This is a great one to take from day-to-night; the length of the skirt allows for a feminine vibe with both flats or with heeled shoes.

The frilly skirt adds some ‘sass appeal’ and offers a lovely swishing movement as you walk, which gives you a real ‘feel-good’ factor.

I sized down one size, to ensure that the waist and the hips are as slimline as you can get them, with the slight peplum style of the cami top I would recommend to do this, because you don’t add more than you need to on your hips. The waist of the skirt is elasticated at the back, so this gives you a little extra to get it on.

If you are wearing a top tucked in, I recommend a body to keep your silhouette slimline, but should you opt for a blouse, then why not tie a little knot in the front, this will help define the waist and makes it a little more summery-chic.

Play with the material belt! Firstly if you do wear it, tie it to the side so you are not adding to the stomach area. Think about whether you actually need to wear a belt or not, the top you choose will be a factor in this. And if you look how I have worn it together, you will see that I have worn the belt as a skinny neck scarf. Just play…. you may find that if you wear your hair up in a ponytail you add it in there too.



Day-to-Night & Casual to Smart


I’ve made two videos on my IGTV channel



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Callista Ditsy Floral Frill Cami Blouse – £59


Callista Gypsy Skirt – £65








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