One Hush skirt – Three Ways

That moment, when you are racing through a department store because you’re late for appointment but you just can’t help yourself going via the concessions you love, just so that you can glimpse to see what’s new. And that’s how I came to purchase the Sofia skirt by Hush, in the concession at John Lewis in Milton Keynes.   

As I saw it, I knew I had to touch it, take it off the rail and just let it twirl to see how the fabric flowed. I knew that as soon as I was done with my pressing engagement, I would be back – to try it on.

I did and I purchased.

I think that when you see a garment that you love instantly and you purchase without any thought whatsoever – you will simply love wearing it. In fact I do so much since I’ve had it I have found any excuse I can to wear it. My rule of ‘only wear it to work once a week’ has nearly gone out the window with this one!

The monochrome stripe skirt is working two trends this season and whilst it’s tempting just to wear it with black, you can mix it up a little.  You can see from my first look below I took inspiration from Hush’s lookbook – and why not?  They invest a fortune in showing us different ways to wear their garments – it would simply be rude not to copy.

Add a pop of colour…

I’ve bought this bright cardigan a couple of years ago that I originally styled with my green floral trousers from Oasis.  I’m so pleased that it works well with this skirt to give me a chance to wear it again.

Add some denim…

You know me and my love for denim – this is a great option to dress it down for the weekend.  Keep it simple with a black vest top underneath and you can wear it tucked in or out. 

Glam guaranteed by wearing black…
I’ve worn it here with some lace which I think works great for an evening out or for a day look (as I did for my meet up with girlfriends at Chatsworth House the other week for House Style) I kept it simple with a polo neck and shoe boots.

Loved by Lizzi has received permission from Hush to use the following photos as part of this post.

If you think this skirt could play a role this spring/summer for your wardrobe then click on the link below to purchase. My investment of £55 has already paid itself off – it’s a winner!

Sofia Striped Skirt

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