One Gold Ring

The exciting new ‘thing’ in handbags, is the gold ring – all because of the a brand called Chloe, a brand that for most of us (who work extremely hard, everyday) cannot afford. But fear not, this trend has made it to the high street so that we too can get our own, gold ring.

And starting with the best one I have seen so far (I nearly purchased today), indecisiveness stopped me; I love the cross-body strap when I was wearing it across the body, but I didn’t like it hanging down when I used the gold ring. You can’t put the strap inside because you then won’t be able to fit anything else in… so the jury’s out for the moment. To give you an idea of scale, I can just about (it’s a tad tight) get my iPhone 6 Plus in it.

Tan Ring Handle Bag

They also do it in this gorgeous mock croc pink version, which if you are heading off on hols or to a wedding, I think this would be lovely!


Pink Mini Croc Effect Ring Bag


I was less keen on this one, as the ring is at the back of the bag and not on top, so it doesn’t balance well compared to the NEXT one, that said it was a much bigger cross-body which if you need to carry a fair bit, this one would be better


Metal Ring Saddle Cross Body Bag


Also available in burgundy

I see on the New Look website that they have this pink number in the sale, great price if you are about to head off on hols and want to get into this trend. The gold ring again is on the back.

New Look
Pink Ring Handle Across Body Bag
Was £15, Now £8

If you fancy two-tone, this is a great one from ASOS, although I did have a little laugh because the gold ring appears bigger than the bag?! 

Ring Detail Snake Saddle Cross Body Bag

If you don’t fancy this trend in a small cross-body version, then why not opt for a bucket bag, one of my favourite types of handbag, only because you can just simply chuck everything in!!

I don’t know why, but the tanned version of this bag is £5 more than the white or pink that NEXT are doing??!! They look the same to me today in store.

Tan Ring Detail Bucket Bag

Biba who likes to be different, offers you a gold ring, but not as a handle, they’ve included it in the detail of the design, I have to say I really quite like it. When I touched this one today, the quality of the leather is so devine…Love it!

House of Fraser
Biba Jenna Top Handle Shoulder Bag

And lastly here’s one I found from Whistles, not sure I’m keen, but now that I’ve seen it online I’m going to be heading to their store to check it out – I can’t decide if this would actually be really cool bag to wear, but at a price of £129 I’m not planning on testing this one!! 

Eden Shearling Cylindrical Bag

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