One 2 Watch: Victoria Beckham’s Top 10 Fashion Tips

Style tips are everywhere and it can be difficult to know what to follow and what not too.

As a huge fan of VB I frequently watch her films on YouTube and I came across this little number, and I have to say I agree with most of her tips, apart from the one where she advises to over-pack for travelling – she clearly doesn’t have to worry about carrying her own case or paying for extra luggage!!

She suggests to invest in key pieces such as jeans, crisp white shirt and a tailored jacket – which reminds me that I need to reinvest in a new white shirt as they can dull after a fair amount of use.

Keep accessories simple – a must, I think there is nothing worse than over-jangling, fussy jewellery – keep the size of your jewellery in proportion to the size of yourself – if you have a small neckline then a large necklace is going to silly.

Enjoy getting ready – I couldn’t agree more with VB, I actually sometime prefer this to the event I’m going to!!  Preparing your outfit, getting your hair done, doing your make-up is such a big part of the process of a girls night out, I always allow plenty of “getting ready” time.

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