Ocean’s 8 is every fashionista’s dream – as a fashion blogger heading to the cinema this was clearly research for me (no seriously it is! LOL) – What a film, it’s a must see for every woman.

Did I feel empowered after the film? Oh yes! Please can someone let me be part of a heist, oh what fun! Not sure where my particular talents would lie, but I can definitely pull off working undercover in a ballgown at the most famous Met Ball gala in the world – or at least let me try!!

This blog is not about the film itself; I’ve popped the trailer below to let you get a feel for what I’m talking about for yourself. This blogpost is about recreating the style of one particular character – Lou (you never get to know her surname) and she’s played by Cate Blanchett, she’s the coolest one of the eight, and that’s saying something with the likes of Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina, Helena Bonham Carter, and the coolest chick in the world Rihanna!

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So what is it about Lou that’s particularly grabbed my attention? I think it’s her boyish sexy, I’m not making any effort, but truthfully it’s taking me ages, kind of charm. Her pieces are quite simple, and separately all very gorgeous, but the way she mixes them together it’s an indigenous mix of personal style that I think actually works.


NUMBER ONE: The Leopard Print Coat

Leopard print is everywhere, and I’ve personally have never own a coat in it – but I’m already wishing for Autumn to arrive so that I can get one! Biba do one every winter…. this is now my excuse to buy (whoop whoop).

Parisian Belted Leopard Coat
Was £59.99, Now £40

NUMBER TWO: The colourful trouser suit

A trend very much in at the moment, if you’re a tad fed up with dresses then a two-piece trouser suit is perfect for both the office and for out-out. Just pick your own colour choice, as there is lots to choose from.

Light Blue Trouser Suit
Jacket – £24.99
Trousers – £17.99


NUMBER THREE – The Velvet Blazer

This I feel is should be a staple in any woman’s wardrobe, and something I do not own myself – I did try to hunt one out from M&S that everyone was raving about in the January Sale but sadly couldn’t get my size.

Add to your list, I think we’ll be needing one this autumn!

Velvet Blazer by Laura Scott

NUMBER FOUR – The slim neck scarf

I’ve been looking at these lately, I nearly bought one the other week at the Rixo London pop-up shop in Carnaby Street. Wished I did now – this sort of thing you can either make yourself by getting old vintage material and cutting them up or you might find them in charity stores.

Aim to have three or four of them so that you can easily change your look

Hendrix – Mini Star

Skinny Long Neckscarf

NUMBER FIVE – Jewels, Charms & Brooches

This chick loves to decorate; her neck, her arms and her fingers in lots of jewellery, if you look back at Lou in her blue trouser suit you’ll see she even wears lots of little brooches on her jacket lapel.

You don’t need to spend a lot here, raid your own jewellery box, the charity shops or head to places like Primark, H&M or perhaps for that something a little more exciting I highly recommend TopShop on Oxford Street – this store has lots of vintage costume jewellery and for unique items I don’t feel they are that expensive, starting from around £30.

Coin and Cross Multi-Row Necklace

All photos of Cate Blanchett playing Lou are from Pinterest – You can view my Inspiration Board on Lou’s character which has many more photos here.

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