Not from the high street!

I often hear girlfriends saying that they are fed up with the same old, same old from the high street.  If you fancy something different, then you have to change where you shop!

Some of the best women’s boutiques are in small market towns; they are unlikely to have online stores for you to check out beforehand, however I can guarantee that not only will you see garments from brands you have never heard of, but you will also find something that simply makes you say WOW!

I think there is a myth that all boutiques are expensive – yes there are some that only offer premium priced garments, but I’ve noticed a change in recent years of much lower prices.  Boutiques have a lot of competition both high street and online so they need to appeal to shoppers or they simply will not survive.

One tip I will give you about shopping in boutiques – they only buy a few sizes in the one garment and they also change their stock regularly to keep their customers interested.  So if you see something you like, you have to buy it, as there is no guarantee that it will be there the next time.

Today I was shopping in one of my favourite small towns, Berkhamsted.  After having lunch with a girlfriend, we hit the shops.  Miss Boutique is a new store in town that opened November 2013 – and I purchased this coral jumper from Vie Ta Vie for my forthcoming French holiday.  I love it and I know that I can dress this item up or down depending on where I’m going.

Versatile, stylish and not from the high street!

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