New Year’s Resolutions – STYLE

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Now every New Year we all do the same old, same old – our resolutions are built around eating less, drinking less, exercise more etc etc.

But how many of us give thought to changing our style?  Bringing some of our favourite things, like jeans, jackets, bags a little more up to date?  Or perhaps going through our make-up bags and chucking out the eyeshadows or nail varnishes that are so old that seriously – why are you keeping them??  

The best way to start, is to break it down:

  • Winter clothes that will take you through to March
  • Make-up for work and then for evening
  • Invest in good skin care – essential at this time of year!
  • Handbag – work, weekend, evening
  • Shoes – again what’s going to take through to March

Spring is on it’s way….and perhaps we could start the New Year, by having a refresh and finding the gaps that will make shopping come January pay a little more of what we need.

Last year I wrote a piece about my thoughts on “15 things every women should know” based around Tom Ford’s article for Vogue.  Now whether you agree with all or just some, it may be a starting point to helping you think about your 2014 Style Resolutions...

  1. Stye Essential – ‘Find the right dress for your body shape (this should include an LBD)’
  2. Have it at hand – ‘A great day bag for all your bits & pieces’
  3. Daring greatly – ‘Be confident to go on a trip, a movie or dinner on your own’
  4. Essential grooming – ‘Eyebrows, legs, nails and feet (you know what I mean 😉 )’
  5. Keep it wrapped – ‘A shawl/scarf that you take everywhere with you’
  6. Denim – ‘The perfect pair of jeans that can be worn with heels, boots or trainers’
  7. Double up – ‘Two blazers – one for Autumn/Winter and the other for Spring/Summer’
  8. British style – ‘A tea dress or Maxi for those afternoons in the great English countryside’
  9. Think positive – ‘Dreams do come true if you stay focused’
  10. It’s all the walk – ‘Find a pair of heels (mid or high) that you can walk in confidently’
  11. Health does matter! – ‘Exercise your inner and outer self’
  12. After eight – ‘The clutch bag that just goes with everything’
  13. Bejewelled – ‘Treasure that family jewel, it was past to you for that reason’
  14. The right size – ‘You should get your breasts measured regularly so that you are wearing the right size underwear – you’ll never look fabulous with wrong underwear, FACT!’
  15. Stick together – ‘Find a girlfriend or two that you can say absolutely anything to without being judged!’

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  1. Malvika Vithani
    January 9, 2014 / 7:45 pm

    Great post. I've actually been changing my style throughout last year (though quite slowly ..), but I hadn't been making any major changes. I need to do a shopping spree to update my wardrobe! :')Malvika –

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