2021 style goals

Your style journey needs to have some style goals to help focus and to help you manage your stylish wardrobe.

To be 100% clear this is NOT about New Year resolutions – however Lockdown 3 (if you are living in the UK, like me) presents the opportunity for time to think about what changes you wish to make for your own style journey over the coming year.

It’s not really a wardrobe detox; that stage will come next. Before you can really decide what your new personal ‘uniform’ will be, a little research is required. My latest blog WHY SOCIAL MEDIA IS GOOD FOR YOUR OWN STYLE MANAGEMENT is a good place to start alongside the framework I’m giving you below.

Most style changes can’t happen overnight; making big, bold differences can take a lot of encouragement and they start with small steps. Being clear on what you would like to achieve and this will get you off to a good start for the year ahead!

Think about the women you wish to become

Avoid looking to the past; those days are done. The woman you are projecting can change, you just need to be clear on what that exactly looks like. Books, magazines, (some) Social Media can help – Be kind, be realistic and come up with 3 to 4 styles goals that you know you can achieve, with a positive mind-frame.

Who oozes these qualities for you, right now?

We all have style icons we look up to; even the biggest celebrities do too – Kim Kardashian rates Cher as her ultimate icon and Reese Witherspoon loves Dolly Parton. It’s not all about ‘how they look’ it also about the women they are day-to-day. Find 2-3 style icons that look similar to you, and that you share the same values you wish to aim for.

For me personally, I am currently exploring the styles of Anine Bing, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kourtney Kardashian – I have created Pinterest boards on each of their styles; mainly their off-duty looks, as it’s my day-to-day styling I’m focusing on more right now.

style boards for style goals
My Pinterest Boards | New Style Goals

prioritise your health

You can’t look your best if you are not looking after yourself. Plastic surgery, botox and any other cosmetic procedures will only get you so far. If you’ve not been for a while, then get that dentist, opticians and any other health check booked up – Health should always be prioritised over fashion and shopping.

refresh your make up & skincare routine

Is the one you’ve been doing for years still working for you? Probably not. I’ve been learning that even just a few tweaks to my daily skincare has boosted positive results for my skin. Start the New Year too with fresh make up, most only last 6 months, so time for a refresh before Spring.

a new cut & colour?

Is it time for an update? Keeping the exact same style can date your overall look. It doesn’t have to be dramatic maybe just a tweak. Talk to your hairdresser and if you hear ‘let’s just stick’ – maybe it’s a new hairdresser you should try. The right style and colour, for your age right now, can take years off you. Get yourself good professional advice before taking the leap!


Next up, Selling my preloved, is it worth the effort?




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