New Look Grey Boots

It’s definitely cold outside! However we are starting to see some real sunshine days, where you want to wrap up warm but need to lighten up the winter look a little to start to get that fresh, crisp Springlike vibe. One way you can do this is to lighten up your winter boots!

Lizzi Richardson

This was me yesterday outside a gorgeous preloved store Vintage & Vogue UK in Buckinghamshire – and with Spring collection in store, having the lighter boots on really does get you in the mood for Spring. You can see here, I am still very snug in my winter coat, I’ve opted for a lighter scarf, some sunglasses (well I did actually need them due the glorious sunshine) but my knitted black dress and my coat kept we warm, whilst these lighter boots just moves this whole look on into the early stages of Spring.


Now if you opt for suede or faux suede in these lighter colours then you cannot wear them if the weather is poor, especially in the rain, you will just ruin them.

I purchased mine from New Look back in the January sales, unfortunately they are no longer available, but I have scouted through online to look at what fabulous options you currently have (but first do check your own wardrobe to see if you have a pair already!).

You know my love of New Look shoes, well a number of these look fab to get you started:

Cream Cone Heel Western Boots
Normally £29.99, currently on special price £20.99

Grey Comfort Suedette Patent Trim Heeled Ankle Boots
Normally £29.99, currently on special price £20.99

If you feel you can brave an open toe…. these are fabulous!

Grey Suedette Peep Toe Stiletto Sock Boots

The heels on these are gorgeous!

HABBS High Ankle Boots

Vent Sm – Grey – Block Heel Knee High Boot

Was £115.00, Now £85.00
Not all sizes are available

Roxette – Grey – Ruched Calf Boot

Normally £70.00, Currently at £50.00

Leather boots with wood-effect heels


Split suede mid-heel ankle boots


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