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Shoes play an important part to your outfit and so having choice can help with getting more out of your clothes. In its most simplest format you could wear the same black dress every day, but if you changed your shoes, you’ve changed the dress.

I know there are so many of you who are into your designer shoes, I get it. I’ve been told many times that the more you pay the comfier the high-heel is to wear. However, designer shoes would be a complete waist of money for me.  I”m forever damaging heels!!!

I’ve had brand new stilettos in nude with a leather heel – first day I wore them, I got the heel caught in a ventilation grate on the floor, ripped all the leather off the back. I actually keep a spare pair of heels in the boot of my car, I think at least 2-3 times a year something happens to my heel (break it or it’s wobbling) that thankfully my spares have said the day!

But practicality aside – I do not want to be tied to the same pair of shoes, to make sure I get my monies worth.  You see I don’t love shoes as much as I do handbags. Or jewellery. Or dresses. 

If you are not passionate about something then you just want to get by, and for me that is New Look. They have lots of choice, lots of different colours, and at the price if you only wear them once or twice it does’t matter.

Now I’m not one for usually buying cheap or disposing without any environmental thought, so I still choose wisely – If I don’t love them, I don’t buy them.

My plum shoes from New Look – Instagram @lovedbylizzi

These plum shoes I purchased above; I needed plum shoes to go with my wedding outfit, and not many shops were stocking this colour, it was for the first time in ages I was prepared to throw money at the situation, because the colour plum was the most important factor, so if I had to spend, then I would. Thankfully New Look saved the day, and I purchased these gems for £24.99 – and I have received compliments ever since.

They are simply glam – and so far (every finger cross) I have not damaged the heel!

So if you need a new look to spruce up an old dress, or if you want a pop of colour to wear with your trousers – then I would head to New Look – I am sure you’ll find something there.

Gold Cross Front Ankle Strap Heels

Wide Fit Orange Satin Ankle Strap Heels


Black Suede Pointed Heels

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