My Wedding Anniversary

Tonight hubby and I will be off out to celebrate six years of marriage bliss, I cannot believe another year has gone by; but on the positive it’s another year that brings us closer together with memories, ambitions and of course togetherness.

The theme for my outfit is based on romantic fabrics mixed in with lots and lots of treasures that relate to our marriage and our courting days.

You can never go wrong with lace; and there is nothing sexier than black lace that covers your arms in full, with a high neckline too this allows you to show off some skin and yet keeping some mystery.  My heels are black satin covered in lace too, which will match in just nicely.

My clutch bag is from old; I love it and it’s gone on so many dates with me & hubby, and what I love about it most, is how you can fill it with ‘stuff’ and yet it will sit comfortably on my lap, I don’t have to worry about it misplacing it.

The jewellery I will wear tonight most was worn on my wedding day – and whilst I have used them on other occasions; I seem to always opt for this on our special night.  I decided not to wear my brooch, I wore it last year and made it a statement on that outfit, that I thought I would leave it this time.

The LOVE keyring reminds me of my hen party; it was a Sex and The City theme in Central London and before the night got started we went to watch Sex and The City II and this keyring was given to Carrie. When I purchased the DVD as a memento of that occasion, this was the free gift. And I just LOVE it.

Chanel No.5 – do I need to say anything?!

And finally, my little pink duck.  Well even my niece Ellie knows to not touch this!  On my second date we took my grandmother, who was then 79 years old, out for the day looking for venues for her 80th (how she came to be on my second date is result of me double-booking and not wanting to cancel on either!) – Well he bought me this pink rubber duck. I saw it in a little tea room that was selling random things, and after we dropped my grandmother back at home, he presented it from hiding it in the car.  It’s probably my most treasured item I own.

Happy Anniversary x

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