It’s Christmas Eve and it’s that time of year again when we will start to head out to the sales just after (or maybe during) the festive holidays – we all want a great bargain, although is it truly a bargain? 

Most of the time we all buy because we think we are getting value for money, but quite often it’s not. How many times have you cleared out your wardrobe to find items with the price tag on, showcasing that very special price you bought it for?!

Here are a few of my tips to get more out of the sale this year and how to avoid getting caught up in the buzz so that you buy what you need.

Tip 1
What’s your budget? Work it out and stick to it – by the way, you don’t have to spend it all! What you don’t spend save it for another shopping trip.

Tip 2
Start to write a list – what gaps do you have in your existing wardrobe that tend to have a big price tag? Winter coat, leather boots, sunglasses etc – anything that on a normal shopping trip you don’t feel you can treat yourself too – these are the items you should be hunting out.

Tip 3
What daily basics need replacing? Underwear, nighties, t-shirts etc – think of all the things you were hoping Santa would bring but didn’t, but you need them! 

Tip 4 
Once you got your list, put down a figure next to every item that you think you could spend on these items, and then prioritise them against your budget – this then gives your top 3-5 items you should focus on.

Tip 5
Once you know what you want, think about the brands you would prefer to buy them from, start looking at their websites to see if they have what you need.


Tip 6
If you can get it online at a great price, then buy it – I mean why head to the shops if you can do it from the comfort of your own home! Plus there is no guarantees that you will find it in the shops anyway, so save yourself the heartache of not being able to find it.

Tip 7
Be prepared that you may not be able to try on in store, on very busy sale days you usually find they shut the fitting rooms – if that’s the case then I urge you to find out their ‘Returns’ policy as it’s not always 28 days and also they do not have to give you your money back, they can give you store credit, which you may not want. It’s your responsibility to check.

Tip 8
I would personally shop alone, going with people they will just encourage you to buy what they think you need – stick to your list.

Tip 9
You may end up buying something spontaneous whilst out shopping, because you thought it was a great buy, 24 hours have passed and now you’re not keen, do any of the following:
 – Return it immediately and get your money back 
 – Can you gift to a friend or family member for their next birthday
 – Wear it a couple of times and then pass it on to charity

Tip 10
Whatever you buy, try to think of at least three items in your existing wardrobe it will go with, and if it’s for out-out (i.e. not for work) then try to think of more than one event to wear it to – if you can’t do either, then ask yourself “do I really need it?”

Buying in the sales can be lots of fun, just be sure to buy what you need and step away from anything that’s not! And once you bought, start wearing it – let’s avoid the clear-out with the sales tags on please 😉

Have a fabulous Christmas everyone – thank you again for following Loved by Lizzi throughout 2017!

Enjoy the festive holidays, 



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