My top tips for ‘Off the shoulder’ glam

It’s a trend I never thought I would adopt, however I saw this ‘off the shoulder’ top on another blogger’s post and decided I had to try it.

The next morning I headed to H&M (although I stupidly forgot to wear a strapless bra) but I got a feel, in the changing room as to which size would suit me best and then I headed home to try it on, giving myself time to play with accessories, bags and shoes.

I’ve worn this out with the girls now on two separate occasions, so you are reading this post with it being fully tested and it’s been compliments all the way! 

I’ve found it to be quite versatile for dressing up on a night out or as you will see in image 4 you can dress it down with flats – which is just fab –  as it’s one I will, throughout the summer, wear for lunches out at the weekend.

Here’s a few tips to think about should you opt to adopt this look for Summer too…

Tip 1
A good strapless bra! – without a doubt if your underwear is not supportive you will not look great. Most of the gorgeous tops are in floaty sheer material which is translucent enough to show what you are wearing underneath.  If you are busty in any way then you need to go and get fitted properly for a strapless bra.

Tip 2
Take care from changing from your day look, give yourself time – you know when you’ve been wearing socks all day and then on a night out you want to show off your ankles but you run the risk of indents from the elastic – well the same is true from your bra straps if you don’t give your shoulders time to recover, it’s not a great look if you have indents or red marks – so a few hours before you need to remove those straps.

Tip 3
A clutch bag works best – it’s really uncomfortable to directly put the strap of your bag onto your bare shoulder, you also run the risk again of red marks if your not careful. Avoid all of this by simply carrying your bag and for a day look, I would opt for a big tote.

Tip 4
Think about your jacket – depending on the weather and where your heading, your normal jacket may not be so easy to wear, especially as this style of top is also coming with big sleeves.  I would avoid wearing a shawl or pashmina all that floaty material would not look great perhaps consider a biker jacket draped over your shoulders.

Tip 5
Exfoliate and moisturise – great shoulders start with great skincare.  Make sure they are super smooth and once you’ve moisturised use some bronzer across your collarbone and on the tips of your shoulders for added shimmer.

Tip 6
Think before you wear it to work! – you may not agree with me on this one, and my friend Carol from Want Her Outfit has wrote a great article –  How To Embrace The Look: Off The Shoulder Tops where she covers how to wear it to work or weekend.  For me personally I would never wear this to the office, as a professional I avoid baring too much skin both on business days and dress-down Fridays.

So I hope my tips give you the confidence to give this one a go and here’s my Instagram post for one of my nights out on how I wore my new top…

Instagram – @Lovedbylizzi

The top I’m wearing is from H&M, I can’t find it on the site (sorry) but I know that it’s in store and you can get it in Natural White or in dusky Pink.  I have found a similar one on their online store:

Off-the-shoulder blouse
Available in Natural white, Dusky green and Light pink


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