My Top Five Slogan Tees

All You Need Is Love Tshirt

It’s a trend that started over eighteen months ago and it doesn’t seem to be disappearing any time soon! The slogan tee is one trend you can easily adopt into your wardrobe, you just need to decide on your message and be prepared to answer to people’s inquisitive questions as to why you’ve opted for this or even maybe laugh at your choice of message – so you need to ‘own it’!


All images are from PINTEREST

My top tips on how to pick the right slogan:

  1. Unless you can see yourself wearing this over and over again, some slogans have a much shorter life span than you think – so if it’s seasonal, don’t spend too much money
  2. Think about colour – you want it to work with your existing wardrobe so if you don’t usually wear yellow and you have nothing already in your wardrobe that works with yellow, then avoid it – To make an outfit work even colour-clash styled outfits are ‘styled’ – You don’t want to be investing in other items to make the colour work for you
  3. Keep it fun 
  4. Keep the look edgy by teaming up with a biker jacket, an open denim shirt or a stiff modern blazer – I would suggest to avoid the cardigan for this one!
  5. Don’t feel you need to stick with jeans; I quite often like the look with a midi skirt

I frequently use Pinterest as a source of style inspiration however I’m finding more and more I am using Instagram too; simply search by the item you want to see, so in this case I would perhaps use #slogantop and just see what comes up. These lovely ladies below I actually follow day-to-day on Instagram and they have kindly agreed to let me use the following to show you how they wear their slogan tops. Thanks Ladies!

Instagram: @stylingbysusan
Instagram: @debpagano
Instagram: @wearitwithwheels
Instagram: thestylish_mrsmint


Starting with the one I’m wearing – this is from Topshop and such a classic song – you’ve gotta love the Beetles!

‘All You Need Is Love’ Slogan T-Shirt by And Finally

You can opt for Susan’s choice of GIRLHOOD – I think this is a fab one since we just celebrated 100 years of women getting the vote.

River Island
‘girlhood’ crest embroidered top
Available in light blue or white

This tee from Mango really gels with my sense of humour, love this!

Message cotton t-shirt

I love the colour and I love the message!

Long Sleeve ‘Love Saves The Day’ Tee

And if you’re ok to spend a little more on a tee, then I love this – who doesn’t want to be part of the Brunch Club?! 

Brunch Club Logo T-shirt


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