My Secret to flawless bare legs
Summer bare legs can be daunting

Bare legs can be daunting, however I have a trick you can use day or night for flawless legs. 

I knew I was on to a good thing when the younger girls in the office were asking about my ‘self tan’ legs – you’ll be pleased to know it’s NOT self tan but more of a foundation for your legs, which you can apply any time of day or night to get flawless legs that looks so even.

It’s a fairly easy application, I’ll come on to some tips below plus the product is water resistant (trust me on that!) giving you confidence for the duration you are wearing it.

I wear Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs and I opt for the Light leg make up (and I would say their ‘light‘ is a mid-tan in colour). When you first squeeze it into your hands it looks so dark that I thought I picked up the wrong one; and to put you off slightly more… it looks quite orange. But trust me, once you’ve applied it, allow for some dry time – you will be so impressed with the finish!

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs – Usually £13.95, currently £8.00



I don’t use it every day, but I don’t save it for best either – I have used it for the office too.

If you are wearing something that is quite short or if you have a pretty flowy dress with some really cool trainers or strappy sandals; basically anything that you think may draw attention to your legs – then I apply it to get that flawless legs look.

Head-to-toe styling is important – we spend so much time trying to create a flawless face but then we can have (well I do) quite bluey uneven skintone legs.

It’s excellent for minimising bruises (just call me Ms Peach!) and from years of having lots of mosquito bites I have quite a few scars near my ankles and calves. Plus on my thighs I have a lot of orange peel – do I need to explain more?!

By having some form of foundation to make them flawless, just like the make up on my face, this gives me confidence to walk and stride without any worries.

Confidence is the art of styling.

My tips on applying it

A dear family friend introduced me to this product and thankfully showed me how to apply it or I would have been in a right mess on my first attempt (which by the way, was a night out to a ball). Not only would it have caused me issues in getting ready on the night but could have put me off the product altogether and that would have been a real shame – as it’s now an essential part of my kit!

  • Apply in the bathroom next to a sink, ideally with good natural light
  • Have completely bare hands – remove any rings and bracelets
  • If you have light gel nails, then micellar water removes it with a bit of cotton wool
  • A little of Sally Hansen goes a long way – you can add but you can’t easily remove. So take your time and apply thin coats – even if that’s more than one
  • With your hands rub it in! Rub, rub and rub some more until it’s feels completely dry on your legs – it’s a matt finish so it will feel dry
  • It will look orange to begin with and then I think it looks a little grey/blue – but give it about 10 minutes and then when it’s completely dry it seems to work it’s magic – The point is, it doesn’t work instantly – you have to let it ‘do it’s thing’!
  • You can’t apply it directly after moisturiser – in fact after my own personal testing, I would say you have to leave it 30-45 minutes after applying moisturiser; it just slides off or you get really uneven coverage – which is not the desired effect. So if you don’t have this much time to wait (don’t worry I never do) I highly recommend using a moisturising shower cream, this for me does the trick.

The one I am loving at the moment, is this Balance Me Body Wash – I sampled a bottle since April and it’s lasted until now (a little goes a long way!). I’ve loved it so much I have just purchased a new bottle. It really makes my skin feel soft that I don’t have to then worry about moisturising the minute I get out of the shower – I personally like that, I feel I stay ‘shower fresh’ when I am dressing.

Super Moisturising Body Wash 250ML – Usually £13.50, Currently £10.80



It’s worth me mentioning that Sally Henson Airbrush Legs is water resistant, so to remove it you do need to bath or shower properly, but as I have found if you take a quick shower and do not exfoliate your legs or use a flannel on them then it’s highly likely it will remain on.

I must also point out it doesn’t contain any SPF so it will not protect you from the sun. I DO NOT recommend this ‘flawless’ look for poolside or a beach look – it will give you zero protection from the sun, and you should always sunbath responsibly. So wear it wisely 😉

My final tip – don’t do what I do and try it for the first time on a important night out. Give it go, have a play and then when you really do need it – you’ll be a pro!



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