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Nana Acheampong

Sheerluxe have a new fashion broadcaster, stylist Nana Acheampong, who I am loving! She’s one fashionista who has brought back colour into my life.

Her recent holiday to Mozambique came with the drama of her luggage not arriving at Johannesburg airport for her connecting flight – my worst fear! God bless her, she stayed really calm (well from what she shared on Instagram) and she had some girlfriends to share a few clothes, and she managed the entire week on some basics she got at the airport, impressively she didn’t let the situ stop her having fun!

Nana shares her tips on a latest article at Sheerluxe, How To Do Hand-Luggage-Only Packing, which is well worth a read and she is well worth following @styledbynana .


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I am completely obsessed this season with co’ords – I am currently living in them for WFH style to wearing then at style events in London – it’s the most easiest and stylish outfit that seems to work wherever I go. I talk about it on Episode 65 of Styling Matters podcast.

This week I’ve bought another one… that I had been admiring from afar, I got 20% off  in the sale and once I tried it on, there was no stopping the purchase! I have two more on my wish list, both are now in the sale too – so I could be adding to bag very soon!



I’m back into print, not that I didn’t love a fashion magazine, but just recently I am picking up a magazine more than my digital devices when I want to relax and just take in the latest on fashion news.

You can imagine my delight when I found a brand new, contemporary style newspaper by Gemma Shepherd, fashion stylist for award-winning 10 Years Younger – Now the Editor in Chief of Voyages & Vanity, Gemma explores beauty’s secrets, decodes fashion trends and embraces opulence – you can get a feel from my image above and Issue 2 is now on sale.

That, along with Hello Fashion (a birthday subscription from my Hubby’s mum), Vogue, Woman and Home, The ST Style (which my Mum gives me every week!), plus Grazia – I am loving it all again.



OMG this next one has been driving me nuts! I’ve fallen in love with Vehla sunglasses, particularly the Dixie Tortoiseshell / Sage version as per below – their 2 for 1 offer nearly had me buy.

However I was really put off by the fact they are coming from Australia and I think that will mean extra taxes on top of the price, plus you can’t return them?! Well store credit, but what good is that in the UK.

This current obsession was proving tricky and Instagram kept taunting me on their discovery page with lots of creators in similar style sunnies.  When you can’t get what you want, I head to the highstreet – and on this occasion H&M did not let me down – I’ve got Tortoiseshell frames with a blue tint (which I think I prefer to the greeny sage) – they are very similar and I have to keep saying to myself over and over again – this is just a trend, it’s not a classic! It’s amazing how something can really become an obsession – fear not, I am a happy chick with my Vehla dupes!

Not the exact ones I bought in store, as I couldn’t find them online – but a very close match!



It started around 10 weeks ago, dinner out with friends with whom one was running the marathon. Upon responding that ‘I am not built for running‘ as a I was told as a young adult with my heavy busty chest – my friend responded with “download the Couch to 5K”.

And so I did.

This week was my final run of a nine week programme; Run One I could barely run for 60 seconds and nearly gave up before the halfway bell. Nine weeks in, I have now ran several times for 30 mins without stopping – it’s a miracle! This week I run my first Park Run, it’s going to be very strange, but exciting to running with other people.

Getting curious about new things adds vibrancy to life – I was fearful, I thought everyone would think I was stupid – but it’s all gone the other way! Friends and colleagues have all been hugely supportive and I’ve connected on a different level with some of them – do I will endeavour to keep it up.

I don’t enjoy getting ready for it, and I don’t enjoy starting, but at the end of the 30 mins – I am buzzing!