My Christmas shopping guide

My Christmas Shopping Guide – I have been thinking about this post for months! What should I include? Will it be helpful? Do I actually love it? How early can you talk about Christmas? So many questions, but it’s finally here! I realised after a while, I simply won’t be able to please everyone and it’s likely I have missed a type of person out… but if out of all these lovely products you get inspiration or you actually purchase, then my work has not been in vain!

Christmas for me is more about spending time with my family – yes I like getting gifts, but if I am truly honest, I am Rachel from Friends… if it’s wrong then I want to be able to exchange it! LOL…. unfortunately as much as I have mastered shopping, I’ve yet to master a poker face of saying ‘Yes I love it’ when I don’t! Don’t fear, my family are used to me!!

When trying to think about what to buy people, stop and think about what they like to do, how they spend their time, what would benefit them (and not you!!). And before we start the joy of what products… I have one idea for you to consider!


I am also passionate about not overspending at Christmas, no one should be gifting out of their affordability – it’s simply not worth the stress in January when that credit card bill lands. I genuinely feel that recipients would prefer to go without a gift then know you are struggling to keep up with the ‘Jones’ – in fact simple things of helping someone by giving up your time is far more of a gift to family and friends than some bubblebath in a posh box!

I would welcome a Christmas envelope gift that had a note saying ‘I will clean your car every month for the next 6 months’ or ‘I’ll cook dinner for you (ingredients not included) every month for the next 6 months’ – both of them I would take any day over a food hamper!

But for those of you who want to buy a gift, wrap it all up, give it to a loved one with a big huge Christmas smile… then here is my guide for you!


The gifts below are made of a collective mix of different sources, some products you may have seen on the blog before and I just want to remind you of how fabulous they are. I’m also offering local independent brands as I am passionate about supporting them at this time of year and finally some of the url links in this blog are affiliate links (AL) which basically means should you click through and purchase I potentially earn a small commission but you will not be charged any extra for the product.



House of Fraser – BIBA Leopard Print Scarf – Was £35, Now £25

BIBA Leopard Print Scarf


River Island – Gold colour leopard print mesh strap watch – £32

Gold colour leopard print mesh strap watch
River Island



I have not stopped wearing my knitted jumper dress, I just had to include!

&Other Stories – Oversized Panther Motif Sweater – £85 – (AL)

Oversized Panther Motif Sweater
&Other Stories




Oliver Bonas – Wild Flower & Animal Print Red Square Scarf – £22 – (AL)

Oliver Bonas wild flower scarf
Oliver Bonas


The White Company – Faux-Fur Cross Slider Slippers (Pale Grey) – £35 – (AL)

Faux-Fur Cross Slider Slippers
The White Company



Oliver Bonas – Alphabet Velvet Initial Pink Makeup Bag – £17.50 – (AL)

Alphabet Velvet Initial Pink Makeup Bag
Oliver Bonas


V&A – Classic red Hotlips ring by Solange – £185

Other colours available

Top Tip! If you became a member this year to visit Dior – Members get discount off the shop, check your membership for details

Classic red Hotlips ring by Solange





I’ve showcased these gorgeous PJs from Chloe James Lifestyle before! The prints are absolutely gorgeous and the come in different colours – Perfect for those looking for nightwear….

Chloe James Lifestyle PJs and Gowns – Prices start from £49.99

Chloe James Lifestyle PJs and Gowns
Chloe James Lifestyle PJs and Gowns


When I wrote about Touch London earlier this year, this start up brand were selling these lovely tri-coloured scarves for £69. They now offer this scarves for £55;  ideal all-year round and are great for travelling, styling your daily outfit and can also be used as a pashmina.

Keep warm and colourful with Touch London Scarves – £55

Touch London Scarves Touch Branding
Touch London Scarves Brand (Photo credit: Sarah Rider)


Toria Lee Accessories is a fab accessories online shop and I’ve collaborated with Tor many times before, back in the summer we saw her gorgeous shell bracelet – she is always bang on trend! Couple of points to note if you love The Tabitha bag below, it will take two weeks to be delivered, so get ordering quickly if this is for you! And if you sign up to her emails, you get 10% off your first order… £12.90 of this beauty!

The Tabitha comes in a range of colours, I love the stone as this colour you can use all year round. It’s genuine leather, has a pouch and you can either use it as a shoulder bag or crossbody, a versatile stylish bag!

Toria Lee Accessories – The Tabitha £129

Toria lee the Tabitha stone
Toria Lee Accessories – The Tabitha is a fabulous brand that has handmade products created by a lady called Claire, who has featured in British Vogue, Country Living, Next and Apartment Therapy. Claire offers a variety of products on Etsy from items you can wear, to items to style your home. I purchased this pillow about three months ago and considering we have about eight cushions on our sofa, this is the one hubby and I argue over to cuddly up to, it’s so snug, I highly recommend it!! – £45+ 


King and eye crochet


Sue from Coconut Sunday is a lady I collaborated back in the summer, for those that follow me on Instagram, I used her ‘Never Off Duty’ tee to demonstrate how I tie my tees for hourglass body shapes on my IGTV. Sue’s online shop is a destination for Women’s fashion and accessories and she is offering FREE delivery on any of your purchases, simply use the code xmas19 – lots to choose from, so have a browse.

Coconut Sunday – Cowhide Purse – Was £22, Now £14.99

Coconut Sunday Cowhide Purse
Coconut Sunday (FREE delivery on all Christmas orders for readers – use xmas19)


Tarra Rosenbaum is a jewellery designer I met back in the summer at a shopping event and we’ve stayed in touch via Instagram ever since.

Jewellery is so personal, and buying it as a gift can mean so much to the recipient who will own it, wear it forever. Tarra has some stunning pieces that she as designed and made herself, a truly talented lady!

Goddess Isis Wing Pendent – £144


Goddess Isis Wing Pendent by Tarra Rosenbaum





John Lewis & Partners Leopard Print Star Ankle Socks, Pack of 3, Multi – £8

John Lewis & Partners Leopard Print Star Ankle Socks, Pack of 3, Multi
John Lewis & Partners


GOODHOOD London – What Should I Do With My Life? Card Game – £10

What Should I Do With My Life? Card Game



NEXT – Snake Print Brush Bag – £7

NEXT snake print blush bag


Accessorize – Quilted Card Holder – £8

quilted card holder


I have not stopped wearing these earrings! They glam up any outfit.

Topshop – Engraved Hoop Earrings – £10 – (AL)

Topshop - Engraved Hoop Earrings




THE RITUAL OF TSURU – Foaming Shower Gel – £8.50



River Island – Pink metallic leopard print passport holder – £10 – (AL)

Pink metallic leopard print passport holder
River Island



The Savoy Cocktail Book – £15

This updated edition of the classic Savoy Cocktail Book features 750 original recipes, as well as a new introduction and recipes from The Savoy.

Savoy Cocktail Book
The Savoy Hotel




Now I’m putting a little trust in you…. 😉 Don’t tell my hubby! But I have got him a gift set from Rituals, similar to this one below – I’m a huge fan of this brand.

THE RITUAL OF SAMURAI – Invigorating Treat – £20.90




We’ve owned our ION record player in wood for a good few years now – great for music lovers or simply to style a room.

Currys – ION Max LP Belt Drive Turntable – Wood – Currently £69

ION Max LP Belt Drive Turntable - Wood


This  pretty much covers most people…

GOODHOOD London – PEANUTS Mug – Allergic To Mornings – £13

Mug - Allergic To Mornings


If you want to win the award for best Auntie or Godmother!!!

Liberty London – Woolly Mammoth Rocker – £132 – (AL)

Top Tip! Register with them, and you get 10% off your first order 😉

Woolly Mammoth Rocker
Liberty London



I’ve had my ear cuff now about two months, and I absolutely love it! What’s even better is you do not have to have a piercing to wear it. I love the simple design and I wear mine most days.

Astrid & Miyu – Basic Ear Cuff in Rose Gold – £35 – (AL)

Basic Ear Cuff in Rose Gold
Astrid & Miyu – Via ASOS


Fortnum & Mason – Rhubarb & Custard Sweets, 150g – £5.95

Rhubarb & Custard Sweets, 150g
Fortnum & Mason


Large Claridge’s Christmas Pudding – £60

Large Claridge’s Christmas Pudding



Harrods – The Christmas Carol Festive Hamper – £100 – (AL)

The Christmas Carol Festive Hamper




Now monthly subscriptions are one of the best gifts! It’s a gift that comes through the letterbox monthly…  and every month they will have a surprise & delight experience, because let’s be honest we forget these little things until they arrive in the post!

PICK THEIR FAVOURITE MAGAZINE – I love printed magazines, flicking through every month. So take note of what they like to read (and just double check they are not already subscribed!) And if they are not, then you are on to a winner!

A BEAUTY BOX – This is one to consider for teens in the household who are in love with beauty products but perhaps they don’t have the available funds. There are a few beauty subscriptions that you can sign up to, I have never tried any of them and would not feel comfortable about recommending without trying. So perhaps ask your girlfriends or the mums on the school run to see if they have a preference!

TEAPRO – this was a collaboration that I did only just recently – there is still the readers offer that you can take up! This is for the ones you love, that you know love tea.





I get a little nervous publishing my own list… I either end up with none of it or could end up with duplications!! But I thought I would share some of the things I would love to get…

I am such a Royalist and to dress the Queen must be one of the best jobs ever!

Amazon – The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe – £20 (AL)

The other side of the coin


Anything Chanel No.5 would be welcomed with a huge smile!

Chanel N°5 Eau de Parfum Spray (AL)

Chanel no5
Chanel No.5


And I’ve had my eye on this tee for months!! I’ve tried it on twice (Plus the sweater!! LOL) – I just need to get hubby into London Town…. as I’d love to have it from the actual boutique and not just order it online (I feel it makes the purchase extra special)

Anine Bing – Tiger Tee Black

anine bing tiger tee
Anine Bing



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