Every fashionista has an Anine Bing wish list, right? I thought I would share what’s on mine! I’d love to know what’s on yours!

This time last year I ordered a few pieces from the Anine Bing collection that had been on my wish list for what seemed like forever!

There is such a good ‘feel-good’ factor when you get the chance to buy pieces you have been admiring and wishing for, for some time. Whether you saved your hard earned cash, saved your birthday money or that special someone in you life has treated you; there is definitely a real ‘high’ when you have them.

The pieces I bought, I am still buzzing about today and when the weekly Anine Bing email lands I just can’t wait to see what’s new to consider adding.

The monochrome vibe of the design of Anine Bing along with the subtle branding, you know you are investing in LA x Scandinavian chic that will over time, become timeless.

If it’s a brand you have not checked out so far, it’s one I am sure you will fall in love with just as much as I have.


This is the Nico bag; let’s forget that houndstooth is uber trendy at the moment; this monochrome bag is timeless and the shape is so so modern!

It has been popular, and sells out fast – one I am hoping will be in stock by the time it’s my birthday.

I am planning to buy these very early Spring, as I know I will wear them throughout Spring/Summer 2022. I’ve already tried them on in store and they are very much on my list for next year.

Anine Bing has restored my faith in spending a little more on sunglasses; I went through a phase of buying cheap highstreet and never truly being that happy with my purchase.

Earlier this year I bought the Otis black sunnies and have not stopped wearing them, so Indio the tortoise shell with orange is very much one I am now considering.

I live in black polo necks, all year round! This cut-out design is one you can wear day-to-night and has such a modern vibe.

Logo tights are everywhere at the moment, so it’s not surprising Anine Bing has added one to her accessories collection!

Sticking with logos, if you are back traveling and you wear a sleep eye mask, how chic is this?!

I am trying really hard to avoid cheap knitwear – I am staying clear of anything that doesn’t have natural fibres that I have come to realise is an important factor if you wish to stay warm.

I do own camel coloured knitwear, but I always feel soft white is the chicest you can you choose.

I am still home a lot and I dislike being too sloppy with my home lounging style. Come Spring I think it’s a harder season to be comfy at home, but this is ticking a lot of boxes for me.

And finally, if stripes are not for you… I think this is certainly worth checking out – I hope to try it on next time I am in the London boutique. A style you can certainly take into Spring 2022



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