Viviana by INYATI
Viviana by INYATI

Viviana by INYATI is a gorgeous faux leather handbag by fashion accessory brand, INYATI. After falling in love with Coco and showcasing just how easy she was to mix in with all my daily outfits, I just knew this is a brand I want to adopt more and more. And so between now and Christmas, I’m delighted to be reviewing four alternative handbags from their AW19 collection, this is the second review and just in case you missed Inita, you can pop to take a look!


I love a tote bag and whilst most totes tend to just have the grab handles, I like that Viviana offers the cross-body option too. The finish of the faux leather is in a matt giving a premium look not only in the black, but you will see down below in the blues too.

Totes are very much for the busy professional woman – I could not function without them at work, we just seem to have more and more to carry these days! I’m often with three smartphones (only two work as phones) along with make up, snacks, purse, keys – you name it!!

I find with totes you can easily love or hate them after a few uses; if you can easily grab what you need on the go then tick, tick, tick! But if you find that you are half tipping out the contents just to find your keys or pen… then I can be put off! I answer this question, below in the finer details!


In the office world you want to look organised (even if you are not!). Ladies need to carry a lot these days, and whilst we may have our laptop bag for extra items too, I rarely can get away without using a tote for the office. What I love about Viviana, she’s big enough to get all my work items in, and yet I am not having to carry a stupidly big bag! This slender tote is keeping me looking stylish, which is why I have not stopped using it!

I love the matt finish, I think it’s gives a real premium vibe and it doesn’t take over my outfit. Don’t get me wrong I do like statement bags, but not really at work (I leave that for my weekend styling!) I like my work bags to be quietly sophisticated so that I can express myself with what I am wearing, and I feel Viviana allows me to do this.

And because Viviana is a simple classic, I can also use her to express my mood – so you will see here in the photo below I wanted a pop of colour, and I used her to enable me to do this!

Viviana by INYATI with scarf
Adding a pop of colour as that was my mood!


And here is Viviana taking a backseat to let me show off my red leopard print skirt!

Viviana by INYATI with red skirt
Red leopard print #ootd


With three colours to pick from I was deciding between Midnight Blue and the Black. As a deep Autumn who wears a lot of black during my corporate days in my working week, it felt a natural fit. I also wear a lot of brown leopard print, and I feel the brown handle compliments this overall look.

Viviana by INYATI with leopard print
Viviana with leopard print – An office #ootd


Viviana by INYATI comes in three colours – I feel the Mid Grey is perfect for those of you who have a cool skintone but find black too harsh, this is more a soft-muted colour and will go well with many classic looks. The Midnight Blue (I’ve not seen it in real life) but on the website looks like a warm blue, if you are a deep Autumn and love wearing browns and teals – then I think this would blend in very well.

I am very fussy about about handles, I mentioned this in my last review; Viviana offers a similar wood handle to Inita which again I have found very comfortable – even with a really weighted bag! I quite like carrying it on my wrist-to-elbow, it’s just how I like to hold my bags, and it’s been absolutely fine. You have INYATI branding on the front, just like designer handbags, along with more engraved branding on the metals clasps of the straps. The zip is finished with gold metal details, giving a real premium quality look and feel.

Inside, Viviana offers you this great open space –  on one side a small zipped compartment, perfect for your driving licence or credit card with an open section just behind it. On the opposite the ‘zipped’ element is an open section with also an open section behind it – both sides have a popper that allows you to close off this middle section, therefore giving you three sections in the overall bag. The whole section can be zipped up closed for keeping your most prized possessions safe. And I can confirm, quite happily, that you can easily find your keys or pen! (lol!!) 🙂


INYATI brand is a premium faux leather handbag brand, this Viviana bag comes in three colours and is €99.95 + shipping (worldwide). You can also buy some colours from the UK website.

This has been a collaborative post with INYATI, Viviana was gifted as part of the product review. If I didn’t like Viviana she would not be on Loved By Lizzi. I will not earn any commission through purchases on their website.

Viviana by INYATI
Viviana by INYATI




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