NYK1 Brow Force and NYK1 Lash force

Meet NYK1 Brow Force the sister to my favourite beauty product NYK1 Lash Force – these growth serums are a must have in your beauty kit!

I am back raving about NYK1 and their eyelash and eyebrow growth serum. After writing my product review DITCH THE FALSE ONES AND TRY THIS! | NYK1 LASH FORCE EYELASH GROWTH SERUM, The NYK1 team contacted me to say they were just about to launch their Brow Force growth serum and would I like to try that too.

Yes please!

I have heavy and dark eyebrows and they are one of my favourite features on my face; despite the fact they are wonky and they have plenty of gaps within the brow.

I am a huge fan of eyebrows – shape them, maintain them and always wear eyebrow make-up is my moto! In fact I am more likely to head out the door with no lippy than no eyebrow make-up #lizzifact.  Even when you have dark eyebrows, there is a lot of maintaining to do, and the less fuller they are the more work you have.

My NYK1 Lash Serum experience taught me that growth serums work, if you keep to applying twice a day. Plus (and this is important) stick with it, it takes weeks before anything will happen. Patience is not my virtue but after 8 weeks of applying NYK1 Lash Force, I just knew to persevere with it.


Now for those of you who already use NYK1 Lash Force, you’ll know it’s marketed to use on both your eyelashes and eyebrows, so why have Brow Force? – well it simply comes down to the applicator and the application.

You can use the very fine applicator for eyelashes on your brows, but you won’t get great coverage and you run the risk of really using up your serum fast by not having the ease of the paddle style applicator that you get with NYK1 Brow Force.

This paddle allows you to really get into the roots; this is where the product works – so you see it’s not about covering the hair of the brow, it’s about getting firmly into the roots to get the good growth.


I don’t think it’s as obvious on the brow to see growth compared to growth on your eyelashes in the early days.  And so for the first few weeks I didn’t really notice a thing.

Then,  just like with the eyelash serum, the faint itchiness starts. Now let me be clear here, it’s not an irritation from using the product, it’s an itchiness you feel to rub your brow, this is simply the thicker growth coming through. When I felt this, I knew it was working and to be honest this pleased me no end – I just knew I had to persevere!


Due to Lockdown 3 here in the UK, I couldn’t get my eyebrows threaded; and so I let them grow to get a really strong shape on my first visit. My beautician could see, just like me, that my patches had minimised and that the top of my brow had formed a really good natural shape due to the extra growth.

I started on the 4th March and six weeks later (so not even the full 8 weeks) I had so much more shape to my brow than before.


Lizzi Richardson | NYK1 Brow Force Before & After

This before & after shot was taken in my bathroom (by me)  directly after showering with no make up on at all and no editing or filtering has been applied to these images.

I think you can see that the start of the brow is longer in length, I definitely know they are because I have to be now sweep back with my eyebrow wand rather than up! The arc has thickened and if you look across the top of the end-arc you will see that it is more defined. I had to apply a lot of pencilling here before using NYK1 Brow Force to make this arc appear from under my fringe, I no longer need to do that.


I think with beauty products one of the main tests is is how it actually makes you feel and not necessarily about how you look. I now have the confidence to step out with no eyebrow make-up on at all – and I think for me personally, this says a lot.

I am truly impressed with both products, I still use the NYK1 Lash Force twice a day, and both of these products are now firmly part of my beauty kit! I will not be without them.

It’s 10/10 from me.







  1. April 23, 2021 / 9:21 pm

    I use the original one on my brows and eyelashes – excellent results . I think the brow brush is great idea though and will definitely purchase that and keep the original for my lashes – which are the longest they have EVER been .

    • lovedbylizzi
      May 2, 2021 / 6:23 pm

      Thanks for reading it, yes I think it’s best to have both due to the applicator. Love Lizzi x

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