Inyati inita bag
Inita by INYATI

Inita by INYATI is a gorgeous faux leather handbag by fashion accessory brand, INYATI. After falling in love with Coco and showcasing just how easy she was to mix in with all my daily outfits, I just knew this is a brand I want to adopt more and more. And so between now and Christmas, I’m delighted to be reviewing four alternative handbags from their AW19 collection.


More and more I need a bag that works as a crossbody – I think it reflects just how busy our lives are. The hustle and bustle of commuting, the need to have quick and easy access to your smartphone (not just for Instagram!! I now use mine for paying on the go, so that I don’t need to get my purse out in busy areas). I also dislike not being able to grab what I need straight away, which is why I like small bags – there is nothing stylish watching a woman tipping out her lifelong collection of ‘bits’ just to find that tissue or pen she needs (or worse, that ringing phone! – LOL we’ve all been there!).

Inita is compact and yet I have discovered is the Mary Poppins of small bags. I am not kidding, I look at her from the outside and think, I am not going to get much in here – but I got all of my usual items in with a little room for a bit more!



Unless they are specifically an evening bag or beach bag – the every day type of bag has to pass the busy life, on-the-go and can I shop easily test. And Inita passes with merits. I thought the wooden top handle may be annoying when worn as a cross-over, but it was absolutely fine.

Despite having open areas to put items in, I got all my usual bits in the main zipped compartment area, which for me makes me a happy chick, you see open bags in busy urban places is not a great idea – whilst we all look after our items it literally takes seconds for your purse or phone to be stolen, so I love a zipped bag.

The wooden handles are comfy on your wrist and elbows, as this is how I typically would use it whilst walking around the store, demonstrated in my last blogpost about shopping for AW19.

Lizzi Richardson Inita by INYATI
My #OOTD with Inita



Neutral tones like camel are one of the easiest to adopt into your daily wardrobe, and whilst black and navy are more typical in winter, I am keen on camel too. To give it some edge, the snake print gives a nod to the AW19 trends, but the print itself is not overpowering  meaning it will work well with many outfits plus as a classic look, it’s one to wear season after season.

I am also a fan of print clash, something I would encourage you to have a go at. One easy way  is getting the tones right, so that you clash but it’s subtle; giving you confidence to try more of a colour-clash on future outfits – if you start to like this form of styling. You will see here that the cream of Inita tones in well with the cream in the print of the dress.

Inita by INYATI and Loved by Lizzi
Print clash love!



Inita by INYATI comes in six colours – I like Olive Grove I think this is perfect if you have a warm skintone and your wardrobe reflects that. For cool skintone readers, I think the Mid Grey with it’s blue undertones would be a lovely muted classic for your daily wardrobe styling, a premium vibe for the every day look.

I am very fussy about about handbags, and it’s the details (the finer details) that I like to observe before buying or recommending. What you carry makes a statement about you, and a cheap looking bag will say cheap even if you have invested in a premium highstreet brand, it’s the finer details that others will pick up on!

Inita offers a smooth high finish wooden handle that I have found sits lovely in my hands, even with a weighted bag. You have INYATI branding on the front, just like designer handbags, along with more engraved branding on the metals clasps of the straps. The zip is finished with gold metal details, giving a real premium quality look and feel. And one of the signature design elements that I am picking up on with INYATI, is their strong magnetic fasteners, so no fiddling for closure it just shuts.

Inside, Inita offers you a small zipped compartment, perfect for your driving licence or credit card and on the opposite an open pocket for say your phone or small diary. And then as I mentioned before, the Mary Poppins zipped area where I can get my big purse in, my plus-size iPhone, chunky keys set plus a whole lot more!



INYATI brand is a premium faux leather handbag brand, this Inita bag comes in six colours and is €89.95 + shipping (worldwide).

This has been a collaborative post with INYATI, Inita was gifted as part of the product review. If I didn’t like Inita she would not be on Loved By Lizzi. I will not earn any commission through purchases on their website.

Inita by INYATI
Inita by INYATI



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