Maria Galland Paris – Thousand Lights Facial

I have something to confess.  Until now, I had never had a professional facial – Why?  Well to put it simply, I never thought they were worth the money.

Most facials are a minimum £40 for approx 45 mins.  And with approx 20 minutes of that being a face mask, whereby the beautician doesn’t actually do anything, for me that wasn’t value for money.  Why pay to have something that I can actually do myself!

On the last day of my holiday in France, I treated myself to a Spa treatment.  This beauty centre had more facials than I have ever seen listed and the other more typical treatments seem to take a back seat on their price guide.  So I thought, well maybe these guys specialise in facials, so i thought I would give one a go.

Now based on my comment above, there was no way I was paying for anything under 60 mins! So in typical Liz style I opted the for the most amount of time, 90 mins.  I did think “what the hell are they going to do to my face for 90 mins?!”. 

All booked in then for:
Maria Galland Paris – Thousand Lights
Anti-aging care which renews and regenerates cells. Stumps out wrinkles, smooths, firms, hydrates and calms the skin.

I can’t speak French and my beautician could speak a word of English – I was pleased, it meant 90 mins of silence.  That in itself was relaxing.  A good start.

And so it begun; lotions, potions, scrubs, hot towels, assessment of my pores, paper mask (beautician didn’t leave I got an arm & shoulder massage – bonus!), more lotion and quite a rapid face massage, gel mask (she did leave me here for about 15 mins – but by this point I don’t think my face could take any more!) and then finally moisturiser.

All the Maria Galland products she used, smelt gorgeous, they felt good too.  I’m no expert on creams, but the combination of all the different products made my skin look amazing, so soft, vibrant and dare I say – so much better!

I’m now rethinking my beauty regime.  I’ve completely changed my mind, they are both relaxing and rewarding and I think this is s little treat that I may be indulging in a little more often!  But I sticking to my theory….pay for more time!

If you have any facials you would like to recommend to my readers, simply leave a comment. For e-mail readers click here.


  1. Catherine Holt
    July 24, 2012 / 12:09 pm

    Your post made me smile. I remember thinking the exact same thing when I had my first facial and your right….it was so worth it! Great description….basically…just do it…he he.

  2. Beauty and the Beats
    July 29, 2012 / 9:31 am

    I can highly recommend the Elemis facials… Get mine at Harvey Nichols as they're 3 for £90 or sometimes 2-4-1 at £45 so I stock up. There's a review on my blog…Lindsey x

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