Make-up prep for New Year’s Eve

If I’m heading out on New Year’s Eve, I seem to think this is a good evening to practice a new make-up look!  It’s because I get ready super early and so I have all this extra time – this usually ends we me not liking the end result, and so I end up starting all over again to create my usual daytime make-up.

This post is an early reminder that New Years Eve is THIS Thursday; so if you fancy a new look, practice NOW, yes NOW!

One of the great evening looks is smokey eyes and I’ve found a great film on YouTube that will help you; for those of you who know your season colourings then Summers opt for greys, Winters opt for silvers and blacks, Springs opt for gold and light brown and finally Autumns choose brown to dark brown/black for eye make-up.

Make sure your pencils are soft enough to enable you to create this smudgy/blended look. A good trick is to use eyeshadow as your base for eyeliner, this helps with the end result. Ensure your eyeshadow has some shimmer to help perfect the evening look.

The film below is by a great Australian blogger, Kate Waterhouse – here she demonstrates how to get smokey eyes using two colours and some pencil work, and not forgetting our faithful friend, mascara.

Talking of mascara, I’m seriously loving this one by No.7 at the mo, I use the brown/black as I’m an Autumn:

No.7 Intense Volume – £9.95

One final tip, if you are wearing a new outfit then also have a practice run of putting all of it together, shoes, bags, tights, jewellery etc – you don’t want to be getting upset just before going out that something is not working! And remember, LESS IS MORE!

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