Lunchtime Glam: Salmon and Gnocchi Salad

I’ve cooked from a very young age and I sometimes forget that some people don’t find cooking that easy or perhaps lack the creativity to simply throw something together.

Salad is my usual option when lunching at home; and when I make a warm or cold salad, rarely are two ever the same!!

Nearly everyone nowadays is looking for the healthy option, but sometimes a healthy option can leave you feeling hungry.  Which is why I hardly ever have a salad that doesn’t include carbs.  Gnocchi is a quick and easy one to add to a warm salad and you only need a few to ensure that you don’t head for the biscuits a couple of hours later.

Gnocchi whilst made of potatoe is not gluten free, but if you are sensitive to gluten then there are “free from” available in supermarkets.  You also do not need to boil Gnocchi before adding to the wok, you simply stir-fry them for a good 5 mins before adding in your veg.

As for the salmon – why make life hard work – simply buy a pre-cooked Salmon which is flavoured to your liking.

In this particular salad, I’ve opted for:

  • Handful of Gnocchi
  • Half pack of edamame beans (I can only find these to purchase from Tesco)
  • A third of a courgette sliced
  • Handful of pitted black and green olives
  • 4-5 Brussel Sprouts
  • 4-5 Cherry tomatoes
  • Big handful of sliced greens
  • 5-10 big leaves from a fresh basil plant – I always have a plant of Basil in the kitchen (cannot live without!!)
  • Chilli flavoured salmon piece – of which I personally remove the skin


  1. Heat wok and add a some Olive oil
  2. Then add Gnocchi and cook for 5 mins, stir frequently
  3. Get all you veg ready and add the edamame beans, olives, brussel spouts and cherry tomatoes and stir – allow to cook for around 2-3 minutes
  4. Grind black pepper all over and stir
  5. Then add the sliced greens and basil leaves, after 1 minute remove and add to dish
  6. Place salmon on top
  7. Eat immediately

And enjoy x

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