Looking great and staying young – It’s all about Wellness!

I just want to give you a heads up that on Loved by Lizzi throughout July, I will be focusing on Wellness.

With a milestone birthday on the horizon early next year – naturally I’ve started to have thoughts about “What can I do to look younger?”.  A huge fan as you know of tailored skincare,  great hair products, grooming essentials along with keeping my wardrobe up to date – these are all external factors.
But what am I doing about the “internal” me?

With this in mind, I’ve started to take a holistic approach to looking after myself – wellness in all kinds of ways; from exercise to diet, to a spiritual mindset and more.  I beginning to think that unless you look after the inside, then the outside is going to suffer.

So throughout July, I’m inviting you on my journey where I’ll be going through some of the small but important changes I’ve been making to my lifestyle (or about to!).  I say small, because let’s face it if you make big huge changes, they never last!  

I’ll be covering topics like:

  • How I swapped cellulite cream for a cross-trainer in preparation for my beach holidays
  • How I saved money and lost weight by swapping my lunchtime daily baguette & crisps to taking in my own salads
  • Dry brushing – does it work?
  • Improving my nutrition – Step 1 – I’m currently giving The Super Elixir a go, a super green supplement to see if it energises my life; as promoted by Elle Macpherson, co founder of WelleCo
  • Top tips from a Resilient course I attended recently
  • Positive thinking – how I practice Law of Attraction
  • Improving my nutrition – Step 2 – I’m currently seeking a nutritionist to give me more advice about how I can improve on what I’m eating/drinking each day

Plus throughout the month I’ll be gathering more health tips, so I’m sure I’ll have lots to share – and hopefully you will feel inspired to make a few changes yourself, to work on the inner you too!

So feel free to send me your ideas or any top tips you would like to share, by leaving a comment on my blog or sending me a tweet!


Lizzi x

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