London Fashion Weekend – Part 2 – The Show Bag

Image from Vodafone London Fashion Weekend Site

So what was in the Showbag?

Well, the bag was designed by Mulberry, and I have to say I like it – shame about the big labels printed on one side, I don’t think it needed to have that!  I shall be using it, but showing it off from the other side! (see my pic for that).

It is suppose to be jam-packed with luxury goods, and have plenty of WOW items from the big brand fashion and beauty sponsors, sadly, I’m not convinced!

The bag contained:

  1. Colgate – Max white one sample – (apparently a must have accessory?!)
  2. A plastic domestic mirror – from
  3. A packet of tissues from Velvet
  4. Elizabeth Arden – Gentle Hydrating Cream
  5. label.m Professional Haircare – Sea Salt Spray – for textured volume
  6. Coffee sample pack from Lavazza
  7. Diet Coke bottle designed by Jean Paul Gaultier
  8. The original tanning mitt by Velvotan
  9. Compeed blister plaster (just the one, so lets hope both your shoes won’t play you up!)

Hardly jam-packed and I really don’t get the feeling that this is from the “fashion industry”?! There is only three items I think that hold any value here, and I have put them in bold.  So apart from the lovely designed bag, which I know I will use, sadly I think this is a tad disappointing!

Part 3 coming up later this week – The Trend Catwalk Show!

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