A selection of five stylish outfits
Lockdown Outfits – What I Wore

Lockdown Outfits is not something I thought I would ever be blogging! But staying home at the moment in these unprecedented times is so important. So I thought I would showcase five stylish outfits, that I have restyled from my own wardrobe that have kept me sane, feeling ‘put-together’ in these crazy weeks.

At the time of writing this blogpost we are three weeks in, and it’s likely we will have another three weeks minimum to go. So shopping your wardrobe, restyling old clothes is a great way to keep your mind busy if you are struggling living on your own. Fashionable, stylish ladies want to remain stylish during these times, and that’s absolutely fine!

Get as dressed up as you want; to keep you happy, to keep yourself focused and to keep yourself busy. The important part of all of this, is to get up and get dressed every day, which can be very challenging in these times if you (like me) struggle with positive mental mindset.



Kimono remains to be one of my favourite ways to style myself at home. When ever we entertain at home, say for lunch or afternoon tea, it’s highly likely this is the kind of outfit I would be greeting you in. I love the casual factor of not wearing a dress but adding an unbuttoned shirt dress over leggings or jeans can just style-up the casual.

Here I am wearing my favourite faux leather leggings with a black bodysuit and a leopard print shirt dress – I’ve added leather flat mules to upgrade from my slippers!

A stylish outfit - Kimino
Outfit One: Kimono Style


Outfit Two

Leopard print – it’s always been a favourite of mine and I find that wearing one item of leopard print can really boost the style factor to an outfit. This is an old Primark skirt that I have worn all-seasons as it’s that versatile.

To boost my mood, I wanted some sparkle and so I added this gold top. These nude flat quilted mules I purchased back in January ready for Spring, I’ve not had the chance to wear them out yet… so breaking them in at home in anticipation of wearing them soon!

Gold and leopard print outfit
Outfit Two: Leopard Print


Outfit Three

A knitted dress has been my best friend, especially before the sun came out to play! Its quite cold working in my home office and trying to minimise bills I didn’t really want to be turning the heating on, but trust me you also don’t want to wearing a coat – that’s not fun to work in either. So a knitted dress as ticked the box for me in terms of style, comfort, ease of wearing and most importantly keeping warm.

I also want to add here that wearing trainers or shoes on working from home days help to be more productive. Working in slippers has really not worked for me at all, I need to be fully dress to be in professional mode.

A nude knitted dress
Outfit 3: A Knitted Dress


Outfit Four

Jeans are always going to be on the menu – I mean how can they not be? On the days I have worn jeans have been my off-duty days, more for Saturdays and Sundays where we have walked the dog (locally of course!) and had more time out in the garden rather than being on laptops at a desk.

Jeans have helped me relax from work, from blogging and provided a little norm to my week. I have always loved a simple white t-shirt (this is a man’s round neck – I prefer the fit better than a ladies t-shirt) with blue jeans…. just add your favourite trainers.

white tshirt and jeans
Outfit Four: Jeans


Outfit Five

Jumpsuits are always going to be the perfect home styling outfit – they are so comfy, easy to wear and require next to no thought in getting dressed. I’ve team mine here with a shirt dress as this particular one is sleeveless and even though it’s sunny, it’s not that hot for me just yet!

jumpsuit with kimino
Outfit Five: Jumpsuit


A final thought…

I’ve talked about wearing shoes but jewellery and sunglasses too have also boosted my mood. And if halfway through the day you decide to change them, then that’s absolutely fine… over time you will know what works for you and what doesn’t.

You need to make your lockdown outfits work for you!


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