L.K Bennett at Oxford Fashion Week #OFW

Thursday night I attend The Cosmopolitan Show for Oxford Fashion Week, held at The Randolph Hotel. The curator for this show was Antonia Mackay and the Runway Director was Tiffany Saunders, who both gave a little speech about the designers and the theme of the night, which for these sets were based on the 70’s discos.

Oxford Fashion Week put on a great show, my front row ticket was £15 and I got a little goodie bag for that too.  Whilst there were many good designers showcasing their current season, like Be Unlimited, Karen Gold, Olivia May, Rhona Anne plus more, the two sets I loved the most were both by L.K Bennett.

The spring trend of florals was very much in the L.K Bennett line, and I just loved all the colours that were on show.  So because of this, all the images you see in this post are from L.K Bennett.

I’ve used Instagram to show off some of my favourite from the show…

If you want to check out more photos from the show plus The Lingerie show that followed – then photographer Bertie Beor-Roberts took some fabulous shots, simply click here to view.


Ulio Drape Neck Jumpsuit

Lasana Printed Dress

Occa 50s Style Dress

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