Lizzi Richardson on OFF THE HANGER with Emma LIghtbrown, presenter & stylist

Lizzi Richardson is on Off The Hanger the YouTube and podcast show by presenter and Stylist, Emma Lightbrown.

Have you ever wanted to see more of my own wardrobe? Hear some of my past fashion faux pas or wondered why I own certain items that you see over and over again on my Instagram, across a lot of my outfit of the day posts?

Well, presenter & stylist, Emma Lightbrown chats to me for her YouTube and Podcast show ‘Off The Hanger‘. I couldn’t be more delighted to spend just over half an hour talking about my past and present fashion stories.

So if you have ever had an urge to take a deep dive into my wardrobe, this is probably the most I have ever shared!

I tell stories of some of my most favourite pieces; including what I wore to the British Fashion Awards in 2014 when Victoria Beckham won Brand of the Year, Anna Wintour won Outstanding Achievement Award and I forgot, until I looked back on my blogpost, Edward Enninful won the special award of the night the Isabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator.

I also share the British designer I picked to wear to London Fashion Week in September 2019 for SS20 and why I chose to wear that brand.

Not forgetting too that impulsive splurge I made ten years ago in Paris that has ended up being my most worn item – I wonder what that could be!

We laughed, we shared our fashion stories, we had a lot of style chat!

Off the hanger is Available on YouTube & Podcast

If you have the time to sit and watch, then I would personally recommend the YouTube version so you can see what items I have picked.

If it’s more ‘hear it on the go’ then please download Emma’s podcast Off The Hanger.


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