A little bit of sunshine…

Essential Kit:  Dove Summer Glow

Now this weekend Ladies we got a little bit of sunshine, and thankfully it looks set to be here for the week!  Sadly though the views I got in Tesco’s whilst food shopping – people in shorts and vest tops was simply too much to bear!  Or bare!!  I voiced my opinion on Twitter on Saturday and got some support from @sadiebp & @rachelmhughes (thanks Ladies x)

It comes in a bottle and it only cost £4.99 and I see it as “a little bit of sunshine in a bottle”.

Now for some people they love to sunbathe and for other they like to spray tan.   I don’t do either, but still take time to prepare a little before exposing too much to the public.

If you have never used this product before, I know of two great ways to apply it, first one is to use it alternative days and on the days you don’t, moisturise instead.  I personally prefer my way (of course) which is to moisturise first and then apply it,  I do this about every third day.  Always use a tissue to lightly dab on areas like the backs of the knees or elbows which can look odd over time if you apply too much.

Go on, have a go….but don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards!

Available at most supermarkets & chemists

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