Janin Coney Let's Get Visible Show Podcaast. Let's talk content creation with Lizzi Richardson - UK Style & Fashion Content Creator

I was delighted to be a guest on Janine Coney’s Let’s Get Visible Podcast. Episode 23: Let’s talk content creation with me, Lizzi Richardson!

47 minutes was just not long enough!

We talked all about content creation, how to write and start a blog and the time it takes to create great content (well that’s Janine’s words… I hope you will agree!)

I also got the chance to tell my story on how I started my style blog, nearly 12 years ago now. Where my passion for that came from and about the importance of professional imagery in your blogging – it truly is a game changer!

I share some behind the scenes doubts I had in my early years and how I have overcome them! Plus I touch on the importance of consistency and being genuine in your personal brand.

We’ve promised a part 2, but for now… I hope you enjoy listening to a little about what you don’t see on the other side of my blog – Loved by Lizzi.

love, Lizzi x

NOTICE:  apologies for the sound at the beginning of the podcast – we had a few technical issues with recording.

What’s the Let’s Get Visible Podcast Show?

Let’s get visible show is a  podcast series is for female leaders, women in business and entrepreneurs who want to elevate their visibility and create a powerful personal brand and image for their success.

By Janine Coney – Own Your Style – Own Your Personal Brand

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