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I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while, it’s been on my list for what seems like ages; I was inspired by a USA magazine, Women’s Health, I purchased for my flight home from Jamaica – see I told you it’s been ages!

The article ‘Lipstick may be small in size, but it packs major meaning‘ was in the April 2017 edition, and I was fascinated by the content within this article; suggesting that lipstick has played a role in women’s lives for the last 5,000 years – apparently in Elizabethan times it was thought to protect against death (not sure how long it took them to work out that wasn’t the case!) and apparently the suffragette’s took to wearing red lipstick as it was considered the province of ‘loose women’ I suppose a form of identity to say your part of a ‘club’.

I remember being told (can’t remember by whom) that in the war days women took to wearing red lipstick to cheer themselves up, not that there were many men to dress up for, but it kept them happy nonetheless.

Colour plays a really important role in the mood we are in; unless you stick to a particularly daily style then naturally we tailor our lipstick to what we are wearing, what we plan to do for that day or simply because we want to wear that colour regardless that it may clash!

Nudes and muted neutrals channel warmth and calm, according to this article, red symbolises power (fairly obvious one as red is a colour for leadership) whilst oranges and fuchsias convey daring, and if you want to nail the refined and professional look, stick to plum, (which bizarrely is the colour I generally wear to work – so I concur).

The other day for work, I stepped up the colour from plum to powerful red, and I have to say I felt great, so I asked on Instagram ‘If lipsticks makes YOU happy?” and these were the responses:

The article also includes some research they did in the USA about cancer patients wearing lipstick throughout their treatment, it seems “lipstick provides a reliable tonic in trying times. For cancer patients, it often serves as a symbol (however small) of health and vibrancy.

And so this got me thinking – if you have an unhappy girlfriend or family member going through some tough times, perhaps forget the flowers, they generally die within a couple of weeks anyway…. buy her some lipstick; that way every time she applies it, not only are you helping her mood, it’s also a reminder that she has a friend who cares, and that is priceless!

Image from Pixabay”On a bad day, there’s always lipstick” – Audrey Hepburn

My tips on the perfect pout:

Step 1 – Get a good base

  • Your skin on your lips is very sensitive and if you are prone to very dry lips, the first thing you need to do is get hydrated!
  • I sometimes, and very gently do it, use an exfoliater product just to remove any dry skin
  • You can use a lip cream as part of your daily skincare routine, it’s much better than a moisturiser – I did this for a few months and it’s worked a treat.
  • I also, especially if I want my lipstick to last throughout the day, always use a bit of foundation before applying (even if I’m having a no foundation day on the rest of my face)
  • On a night out, when I generally wear more make up compared to my day look, I sometimes apply powder too for longevity

Step 2 – Create your boundaries

  • There is nothing worse, particularly on dark or bright colour to get a bleed – you need to avoid this as it’s not a great look
  • I’ve always been complimented on getting the perfect line, and I think this is for two reasons, I always loved colouring in as a child and hated going over the line! Plus I don’t try anything silly like a line around the outside of my lips – your lips are perfect, stick to the natural line.
  • You don’t have to use a lip pencil, if you have a good lip brush, you can use the lipstick you are about to apply, and create a line using that.

Step 3 – Direct application is fine

  • You don’t have to use a lip brush for stay on colour, applying direct is fine, it’s more about creating a number of thin layers and blotting in-between than packing bulk in one go!
  • Avoid eating or drinking straight away, if you know you want a Starbucks coffee on route to your meeting, stay natural until the very last minute and apply just before walking through the door!

Step 4 – Make it shine

  • There is so many lipsticks – you have to decide for yourself what works for you. If you want to invest in some of the luxury brands, then make time to try them on at the counter and speak to the girls – just like you would if you were to invest in designer shoes or bags (you wouldn’t be buying one of them in a rush!) Savour the buying experience.
  • I prefer wearing lipstick to lipgloss, but that said sometimes the shine is just not at the level I would like.  So after I’ve applied 2-3 layers of colour, I then apply a top coat of lipgloss. Now the thing to watch is that some lipgloss’ will simply wipe away all your hard work. So I’ve taken to (and I know it’s not cheap at £28) but I have found it works, I use it every day, and IT MAKES ME HAPPY, the Victoria Beckham lipgloss by Estee Lauder. All I am saying is, I’ve tried numerous lipgloss’ over the years and it’s been a waste of my money – I will be reinvesting because it’s become a staple.

So go explore, play with colour, enjoy the experience of trying a new brand, but most of all I hope it makes you very happy.

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