Let’s not lose our fabulous fashion flick

The definition of my fabulous fashion ‘flick‘ is being the art of turning a page on a printed fashion magazine. 

Everyone has a flick, it seems a natural habit we all form; some of us flick from the back, some start from the front and some people (yes this is true) lick their thumb before every flick! We all have our own style.

When I was younger, I always wanted to buy Vogue each month, but what I earned back then and what I was prepared to spend my money on is very different today. However once I got to 15, I started working in a newsagents and was lucky to read any magazines I wished, without buying them. Although you would have thought I would have contributed just to avoid the tedious task each month of ‘sale or return’!

About three years ago I was given a Kindle for Christmas; I was dead excited it meant I could carry a million books around with me, all the time, I even invested in stylish cover to make it look fabulous.  Well apart from the one beach holiday I took that year, it never left the house!  

The following year as I was about to head off on yet another beach holiday (your getting the picture now, this was really the only use for this device) it stopped working; I ended up buying the book I was so desperate to read at the airport.  

I did wonder, mad as this sounds, but did it stop working because of the lack of use?!  A fate my replacement Kindle may face too, sadly.  I love printed books, there I’ve said it.  I do.

So why am I mentioning the flick, well I’m worried this art is going to be lost, yes lost! I’ve just finished reading a great (hardcopy) book, ideal for anyone who is fascinated with the world of fashion journalism, fashion events and the photo shoots that go with it all. Inside Vogue by Alexandra Shulman is a diary of her year covering the 100th edition

And one of the key messages I took from her book is that she too is worried that in a few years there may not be printed magazines.  Without people investing in print, it may not bring in enough revenue to create the fashion fantasies we’ve come to know with Vogue.

I know we all have our own favourite magazines, mine for instance in Hello Fashion – it’s a great wind-down and a fun distractor when you just want some chill time. But if you don’t invest in them, every month, then they may not be there for the long-term.

But Vogue is iconic; the majority of the fashion events I go to and exhibitions are all linked back to Vogue one way or another, it’s part of our British fashion heritage.  And so I’ve subscribed.  

Subscriptions make a great present too for someone; it’s basically the gift that keeps on giving every month for which the recipient will always be thinking of you as they are ripping off the cellophane hoping that this month is the one with the free gift 😉

So let’s not lose our fabulous fashion flick! For Vogue it’s only £19.99.

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