Let’s chat… Dress down days

Now I’m not talking here about dress-down Friday work days, because lets be honest that just ends up being smart-casual unless you don’t care about your career prospects!

I’m talking ‘chore days’, you know those days where you have a long list of to do’s that can’t wait any longer that you simply hate giving up any of your golden free time to do it! Those kind of days do not require the navy suit jacket with blue jeans or any high-heel at all!

I’m talking; no washing hair, trainers only, leggings with the biggest, most baggiest jumper you have. And let’s just top that off with a weekend jacket, scarf and big bobble hat – you now know where I am at! (ha ha)

I think this, and only this, is what I love about winter days. Layers and warm baggy clothing to cover up any post-Christmas holiday indulgences, giving you a few weeks to get yourself back on track for Spring collection!

Baggy sadly is not best for my body shape, I’m hour-glass and therefore suppose to belt everything in at the waist – but winter dress down to me is ‘a la Helena Bonham Carter’, love her and I love her street style.

Daily Mail Online

Just recently I’ve had numerous dress down days, with lots going on to get my house back in order after the renovations we’ve had at home, plus lots of dog-walking by Bichonpoo, Alfonso; and what I’ve noticed is how joe-public treats you differently on dress down style compared to when I’m out for lunch or clothes shopping where you done your weekend style (the navy blue suit jacket with jeans or a brown heeled boot). 

Very minor differences but different nonetheless – I’m talking no door being held open for me, no smiling faces or “good mornings” to me.  Traffic doesn’t slow down to let me cross the road or I hear mothers say to their children “mind that woman” and not ‘lady’ as I’m often referred to when I am dressed up, which by the way makes me feel really old! When that happens I always do “I’m not a lady!” using David Walliams Little Britian’s voice in my head (well hopefully not out loud).

So all I’m saying ladies is; feel free to join me on my ‘Helena Bonham Carter’ street style this January – it’s time to have some time off!  

And when you see someone walking fast-paced trying to dodge prams, kids on bikes or the old biddy who walks far too slow; that’s wearing nothing that matches or looks anything but not ‘in fashion’  Don’t judge that chick! … She’s probably full-time employed with a daily commute, a wife, dog-owner, part-time blogger and when she gets the luxury of free time just wants to play with her friends. 

If you fancy investing in this look, here are a couple of things you’ll need!

Big and baggy only allowed:
Fat Face
Hutton Textured Coatigan

Basic leggings
Start from as little as £4!

And not forgetting the bobble hat!
River Island

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