Hmmm not really my favourite thing to do.  

I’ve never EVER been one to wake up, put on an outfit, and stay in it ALL DAY.  Nope, not me.  I like to wear clothes that are suitable for what I am doing, which basically means I get changed numerous times a day, making my outfit of the day posts (#ootd) on instagram confusing for some, as they think I’m in one outfit and I turn up wearing something else!

It’s quite simple really: 

What you do = What you wear

Walking the dog = trainers or wellies with a big rain coat that has a hood and lots of pockets to carry everything!

Lounging around at home =  leggings, trekkie bottoms, t-shirts, big baggy jumpers, casual jumpsuit or in the summer a long maxi dress

Food shopping = jeans, trainers and a coat

Lunching with girlfriends = summer dress, jeans with a t-shirt and blazer jacket with lots of accessories and a big tote bag

Cinema trip  =  jeans and a nice top with flat shoes or pumps – no accessories

Evening out with the girls  = jumpsuit with very high heels, large trendy jewellery, statement clutch

Evening out with hubby = A dress, usually black and heels (not too high!), classic jewellery and bag

So I get quite perplexed with people when they say they can’t be bothered to change and wear the same outfit from the minute they get up till bedtime.

Can you now see my dilemma for travelling without a mega large suitcase for my recent trip to Belfast? Visiting a girlfriend that involved; walking, shopping, brunching, a Saturday night out plus weather that went from a fairly chilly Friday to a scorching hot Sunday!

I think airlines have made it very dull and unfriendly to travel.  We need cheap flights so that we can go and visit friends as often as we like, but why all the rules (don’t get me wrong I’m super cool with all the security rules) but all the charges and implications of having to travel light have made weekends aways hard work!

And so this is where the staycation of holidaying in the UK with your car can truly make a girl happy – because with a car boot you can take as many shoes, jackets and handbags as you like, and squeeze in your dog, a couple of friends and your hubby too!

My last staycation with my lovely VW Beetle Lily – August 2016 at Durdle Door

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