Kim Miller Talks Style with LK Bennett London

Last night I attended an event held by LK Bennett London for St Albans Fashion Week in collaboration with Kim Miller Styles.

Kim opened the event by giving a talk about styling and
colour choices for your wardrobe and the value you can get out of it.With over twenty-five years’ experience, she gave
the audience an insight into some useful tips that they could easily adopt just
by spending a little time on their wardrobe.

Kim Miller opening the LK Bennett event
Kim Miller talking about Colour Analysis
Model demonstrating how colours can or cannot suit you – these do and she is an Autumn! 

Let’s be honest, we all have things “hiding” away from
sight, that we’ve forgotten about or saving for best – but if you don’t use it,
was it really worth the investment? One of my very first blog posts was about
this subject, and so for a trip down memory lane, click here to have another
read (circa Nov 2011)!

The LK Bennett woman is likely to be the well-travelled
professional and with that you need a capsule wardrobe that works hard for
you.With only two minutes to make an
impression, because people look and then make an opinion – it can be hard to
change these views once it’s made.So
what you wear, every day, can make a real impact on your career opportunities.

The theme of the night was 15 key items into 50 potential
outfits – whilst we didn’t see every single possibility, it soon became clear
that by having a good basis of neutrals with one to two colours, mixing
textures, shoes, bags and accessories –
you soon could do a lot with very little.


Model showing off the Andra Black Trousers and the gorgeous Lorde Smoke over the knee Suede Boots


I loved this long cardigan, ideal for the current weather where its not quite cold enough for the heavy winter coat – great for travelling in too. Sorry Ladies I can’t find it on the website, so ask in store if your interested

This Saskia Deep Rose Dress is perfect for business day or dress it up for a night out. Stitched perfectly to shape your body and with those sleeves ending at the elbow it covers up and enhances the length of your legs. Also available in green

To see the full range of this seasons clothes by LK Bennett London, click here.

Some top tips for Kim!

  1. Nail your style – Use social media like Pinterest for ideas and you’ll start to see a theme of what you like.

  2. Add colour – balance your outfits by mix & matching. Try to wear three colours in every outfit to add interest
  3. Think outfits – organise your wardrobe so can access all components like jewellery, scarves etc – take photos to remind yourself of outfits to help you select quickly
  4. High-low balance – think about where you really should be spending the money, Kim used an example of a dress for a wedding, why spend a lot if you will never wear it again?!
  5. Savvy with your cash – Think about the cost per wear, only buy what’s needed for your wardrobe by creating lists.  Will it go with at least three items already in your wardrobe?
  6. For the Love & Joy – just OK is a big fat NO! – This has to be my favourite tip that everyone can adopt from NOW! Stop wearing what’s ok, if you don’t love it, if you don’t get joy from it – STOP!

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